GreedFall Reviews

Following the release of Spiders and Focus Home Interactive's colonial themed action-RPG GreedFall, we had an opportunity to check out several reviews for the game. Those reviews were for the msot part positive but not overwhelmingly so. And if you're interested in some additional critique of this particular title, you can find a few more reviews below:

PC Gamer 67/100:

GreedFall is not the heir to the Dragon Age throne, but it is, in a word, adequate. Rather than planting its flag in one truly standout, unique system, it spreads itself thin across all of the systems one might expect from a Dragon Age-type game. If Dragon Age is a veteran gone on sabbatical, GreedFall is keeping its seat warm without making a mess of the office in its absence. It's a decent RPG, but not the new darling of the genre by any stretch.

Venture Beat Scoreless:

Greedfall is definitely ambitious, but when it comes to fleshing the other parts of a well-made RPG, Greedfall is too inconsistent to make it an easy recommendation. It doesn’t quite come to grips with some of its more loaded subject matter, its combat oscillates between boring and frustrating, and the impact of its choices are more localized than long-term. If you’re looking for a length RPG to tide you over until another major player comes along, Greedfall will fill that void, but expect several bumps along the way to remind you this is still a sidequest, and not the main event.

GameSpot 5/10:

But ultimately, because Greedfall is so cavalier about its colonialist themes, and because it plays it safe by sticking so closely to the template of open-world RPGs, it doesn't really feel revelatory in any way. Instead, it's content to be just another digital playground--just another world filled with magic, riches, secrets, and monsters for players to shoot and loot at will. I did have fun when I got lost in its familiar RPG loop, but its lack of nuance or innovation prevents it from being truly remarkable.

TechRaptor 6.5/10:

GreedFall has problems across the board. It fails to create a cohesive or interesting main plot, struggles visually, and relies heavily on stereotypes and poor narrative cheats at times that hamper any choices and consequences that do work. Yet, it is a game that is uniquely charming in all its faults, has refined its mechanics, and has found a way to be appealing through the passion that is clearly poured into the screen. It is not an instant classic, but GreedFall will be a cult favorite among RPG fanatics, and really shows the growth of Spiders as they continue to inch closer to prominence in the big-budget RPG market.

Hardcore Gamer 4/5:

Easily Spiders’ best work and one that is confident in its own material, GreedFall, though flawed, is one more fine addition to the AA sphere and a great example of passion and dedication, succeeding where it matters.

Gaming Trend 80/100:

Greedfall is a highly ambitious step for Spiders, and one that shows that they are hitting their stride. With excellent voice acting and gorgeous environments, Greedfall serves as a grand adventure in a genre that is sorely needing a fresh face. There are still some bugs to crush, but once those are gone, only a memorable RPG capable of filling the open world RPG void will remain.

GameCrate 9.25/10:

Thanks to GreedFall’s impressively diverse roleplaying and combat systems, it’s the sort of game that any sort of RPG fan would enjoy, whether they prefer playing as the tough warrior, the cunning rogue, the wise spellcaster, or any combination of those archetypes they can think of. It may hew closely to the template that BioWare created many years ago, but GreedFall also proves there’s still a lot of potential for expansive single-player RPGs that put player choice first.

Cultured Vultures 7/10:

The combat and the exploration isn’t so bad to the point it’s unplayable, it’s just bland and uninteresting. If you can look past those blemishes, GreedFall offers you many, many hours of enjoyable characters and intriguing court drama. After all, it’s just a lot of fun running around as a fantasy version of Cosimo De Medici, turning enemies to allies and signing diplomatic treaties while uncovering the secrets of this new land, as clunky as it may be.