Tainted Grail Early Access Update

Awakened Realms’ narrative-driven open world RPG Tainted Grail launched into early access earlier this month. And for the game's first early access development update, we get an overview of the new Corruption system, a respectable list of fixes and balance adjustments, a quick look at the new Druid/Summoner class coming to the game in the near future, and more.

Let’s see what the Druid is all about:

Some additional information:

Hello everyone! It's been a week since we've launched, and once again, we'd like to thank you for all your kind words, feedback, and for your willingness to share this crazy journey through early access with us!

We're at over 200 reviews, and our rating so far is 91% positive. This is honestly AMAZING.

Your support and your trust mean the world to us and we're trying to do our best to read everything, answer your questions as fast as possible, and fix things that you find annoying in the game. We also understand very well that you guys took the leap of faith with us - its not easy to be with Early Acces from the first week since after a few months, you would get a much more developed and polished product… So we will want to make sure to make it worthwhile for you all ;)

We are new to digital games, but in all our Kickstarter campaigns, we want to make our supporters a part of the process - show the whole backstage, meet the team, share the ideas and feedback and work together on creating a fantastic game. It feels amazing for us to be a part of such a community, and we also hope it's going to be really cool for you to be an active member!

In addition, we will make sure to prepare something special for everyone who supported us in this first few weeks early access - we are not yet sure what exactly it will be, so if you have any cool ideas, let us know! ;)

And since we've promised an update for the end of the week - here it is, and we'd like to warn you that... it's a pretty big one.

Make yourself a cup of coffee/tea, and, well, let's begin! :D

This week we're introducing the first version, first iteration, of our new system: CORRUPTION.

It's only our first take on this concept - right now, it's really unbalanced, and we'd recommend even trying it out only to the most hardcore players.

After you've beaten the last boss of Conquest, you'll get an option to sacrifice yourself. On your new run, you'll notice a counter in the lower right corner of the screen showing you Corruption: 1. This will make your wyrdstone rewards higher... but also make all enemies deadlier.

After you die: Corruption will reset to zero. If you win against the last boss again, you'll be able to go further. Up to level 10 right now.

We're pretty sure no one is going to make it to level 3 so far (but it's because it's a very new concept and it's totally unbalanced for now).

We're implementing this for several reasons.

One is that we want to make sure that our most hardcore players have something to do after they've won so that the game will stay challenging, and maybe even - to some extent - unbeatable.

Two is that we needed to create a system that allows us to change global variables - and even though right now we're using it to make the game harder, in the future, we might use it to create difficulty levels!

Three is that this will give us additional space to create exciting encounters: things you'll be able to find only on certain levels of the world's Corruption or storylines that have surprising interactions after you've beaten a certain level (even once).

It's only our first take, but - well - it's in the game! Let us know what you think!