The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes Reviews

The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes, Random Potion and Wild River Games’ action-RPG based in the popular The Dark Eye roleplaying system, launched a few weeks back. At the time, we couldn’t find enough reviews to give you a clear picture of what to expect from this game. But now, you can check out a decent number of them below:

WCCFTech 5/10:

Despite some interesting mechanics that make the game feel like a true adaptation of a tabletop RPG, The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes is a cRPG that needed a lot more time in the oven. With some technical issues to boot, it is really impossible to recommend the game in its current state to any type of RPG enthusiast, as there are classic and modern games that offer much better experiences.

Screen Rant 2/5:

In short it’s hard to recommend The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes, as it can't quite justify its place in the market when compared to other RPGs. Although there are nuggets of fun to be found here and there in its dungeon crawling, its lack of complex gameplay and step back from storytelling stops it from being a required purchase, particularly when there are cheaper, older games that provide a more impressive overall package.

CGMagazine 6.5/10:

I can only recommend The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes to those who want to experience a slower, more traditional feeling RPG or those who are fans of the series and have a full party to dungeon crawl with.

DarkStation 2.5/5:

Unsurprisingly, The Dark Eye: Book of Shadows has some technical issues with crashes and mission-killing bugs, but those pale in comparison with the game’s biggest flaw: its lack of imagination or originality. I don’t think it’s a cynical cash-grab. I think that the source material might be part of the problem, coupled with the developers being satisfied with minimal presentation and coloring obsessively inside the lines. There are so many outstanding action-RPGs — both based on D&D and not — that this game is hard to recommend unless you are already steeped in the lore and culture of The Dark Eye series.

Press Play Media 6.3/10:

Dark Eye: Book of Heroes has its heart in the right place as an action RPG that tabletop fans would want to play, but it’s not executed to perfection. Perhaps it’s that tabletop games are turn-based and this game isn’t, or perhaps it’s that we didn’t play cooperatively with other, but things never got quite as exciting as we had hoped.