The Untold History of Arkane - Noclip Documentary

Arkane Studios, the French team that you probably know for either their older titles like Arx Fatalis or their newer immersive sims such as Dishonored and Prey, is the subject of the latest Noclip documentary. Over the course of an hour and twenty minutes, the documentary shines a spotlight on some of Arkane’s projects, including Arx Fatalis, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, and the Dishonored series.

Apart from that, the documentary also covers a number of canceled projects, most notably the Ravenholm spin-off to Half Life 2 that never saw the light of day. Check it out:

Noclip travels to France and Texas to tell the story of Arkane's twenty year history. Featuring exclusive first looks at the gameplay of three cancelled projects; The Crossing, LMNO & the Half-Life spin-off "Ravenholm".