System Shock Remastered Edition Update #66

This month’s development update for Nightdive Studios’ System Shock Remastered Edition as usual shares a good deal of concept art and then presents us with a few sample character proxy models and their respective animations. Here are the text bits:

Concept Art

The topic of concept art is buzzing a lot in the comment section, so let us explain. Yes, concept art is often a big part of the early stages of development, however, concept art is something constantly being created. Concept art can help sort out design, establish a mood, assist modelers with functionality as well as perspective. Needless to say, it is pretty important and we are very lucky to have Robb Waters on the team!

Here are a few things that help build the environment of Citadel Station.


Character Proxy Models

Proxies are autogenerated topology created from near-finished hi-poly models. Though rough and untextured, proxies represent the overall shape of the character well enough so that they can be handed off to our rigging and animation team; that way they don’t have to wait for the time-consuming low-poly, UV, and texture phases before they can get started. Proxies are also useful in that they can be seen in motion and potential issues with proportion or clipping can be looked for and adjusted in the hi-poly model before a character’s look is fully nailed down. Once the modeler is finished with the final textured models, the skeletal rigging of the proxy can be copied over, essentially swapping the proxy mesh out with the final.

Below are some animations made using proxy models of our more bizarre characters: the Cyber Mantis, a Cyber Assassin with the bladed arms of an Autosurgeon grafted on,


Then there is the bizarre Plant Mutant species that infests the Groves.


Here are two more proxies just about to be handed off to the rigging and animation team, the Execbot and the Gorilla-Tiger.

The Gorilla-Tiger will get a coat of poly strand hair after the final low-poly mesh completed, but for rigging purposes, his basic underlying anatomy is all that’s needed.


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