Monster Hunter: World - Iceborne Accolades Trailer, PS4 Collaboration Details

Capcom released the console version of the Iceborne expansion for their co-operative action-RPG Monster Hunter: World slightly over a week ago. The expansion was fairly well received and as such we can now check out one of those “Accolades” trailers that showcases some of the praise the expansion has been getting. Here it is:

On top of that, there's now also this trailer that lets us know that the PlayStation 4-exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn collaboration events should be kicking off sometime in November. Have a look:

And while you're here, you may also be interested in this recent Eurogamer article that examines the recently released expansion from the perspective of a lesser skilled player. An excerpt:

What's easy to lose sight of - and what I've been reminded of this past week - is how Monster Hunter has one of the most open-armed, approachable communities around, one that's all-too-happy to show you the ropes and usher you through so that you can enjoy the series' many delights. I've no shame in leaning on the kindness of others, making sure to play early in the morning so I can run with the expert Japanese hunters who tear through a tempered Nergigante like it's a lowly Aptonoth.

Iceborne, with its stubborn challenges, can feel like it's pitched more towards those expert players, but the joy of Monster Hunter - now, as ever - is how it embraces all playstyles, whether you're thrashing about with dual blades or keeping a watching brief with a bowgun. Or, whether you're veteran who wants to solo some of the biggest, baddest monsters, or a scrub like myself who's happy to wade in the shallows and simply enjoy the spectacle. Iceborne does a decent job of catering to both, and there's enough there to satisfy all corners of Monster Hunter World's 13 million strong audience. So, don't be put off by Iceborne - in truth, there's never been a better time to get into Monster Hunter.