SKALD: Against the Black Priory Update #14 - Alpha Demo Overview

SKALD: Against the Black Priory, Scape-IT's old-school fantasy RPG, will be getting a playable alpha demo in a few weeks, and as a result, this Kickstarter update for the game lets us know exactly what to expect from this demo and then invites us to join the game's official Discord server. Have a look:

Hi there!

With the Kickstarter over, it's great to be back at work on the game itself. The first milestone is to deliver a short, playable alpha demo version of the game to backers from "Freeman" level and up by the end of July. This is very exciting for me since it'll pretty much will be the first time someone besides me plays SKALD!

So, with the demo coming within a few weeks, it could be a good idea to talk about what backers can expect from it:

What is an "Alpha version"?

An alpha version of the game is a version that is playable and contains the major game-play features. The big caveat is that the features can (and often will) be changed as the game continues development and testing.

The SKALD demo is a VERY early version of the final game and a lot of features will still be missing (or represented by placeholder systems). It is very much a work in progress (and will remain so for another year).

The demo will see you take a small party of pre-made characters though a few small areas where you'll be able to explore and interact with the game-world and maybe even get in a few fights. That's it - nothing fancy!

In other words, the demo is not:
  • Representative of the full, final game
  • Intended for rigorous playtesting
So why even release a demo this early?
  • To assure my backers that the game is well under way by providing them a "proof of concept"
  • To stress-test the game-engine and my production pipeline
  • To lay the foundation for a creative and constructive dialogue in the year to come
The SKALD Community

If you want to connect with other SKALD fans who are just as passionate about old-school CRPGs as you, or if you want to follow development of the game on a day-to-day basis, I warmly recommend our Discord server

We're coming up on 100 members and this is shaping up to be an active, and welcoming, community!

Discord is, of course, 100% free!

That's it for now!

Have a great summer,