Tower of Time Free Soundtrack Available and Future Plans

Event Horizon's story-rich dungeon crawling RPG Tower of Time launched back in April, offering over 50 hours of gameplay, 7 unique character classes, and plenty of combat challenges. And now, if you own the game, you can also download the official soundtrack for free. This Steam announcement provides some instructions on how to access the tunes and lets us know that the developers are currently busy working on a couple of new game modes for Tower of Time. Check it out:

Dear Players,

Some of you might have noticed a small (400mb) patch - we have just updated downloadable OST for Tower of Time. All 32 music tracks are now included, split into City, Exploration and Fight in a very high quality mp3.

You can find them in the main game location in OST folder. To access them easily, just right click on game in your Library --> Properties --> Local Files --> Browse Local Files

Those of you who did not download the OST yet - a reminder that they are for Free (well, you still need to own ToT). Just click on Downloadable Content to download them.

We are now working on two new game modes that will turn Tower of Time into a challenging rogue-like experience, with all champions available at start and with removed story elements.

Event Horizon team