Grim Dawn Grim Misadventure #139

The upcoming Forgotten Gods expansion for Grim Dawn will add a number of new areas to the action-RPG, and those new areas will be populated by plenty of new enemies and beasties. The latest Grim Misadventure development update introduces us to a couple of those. It shows off Animated Keepers and Stone Gryphons that will appear in the Korvan Basin and sport imposing gilded armors. Check out the update if you'd like to see them in their full glory, or read a bit about the creatures below. But before you do that, you might want to listen to a couple of recently revealed tunes from the Forgotten Gods soundtrack:

Welcome back to Grim Misadventures, where we put the update in dev updates. Last time, we had some really exciting news for you with the introduction of the Forgotten Gods Rune Augments. Today, we’re going back into the desert sands to explore just what threats await in Grim Dawn’s upcoming expansion.

The Korvan Basin was once home to a prosperous nation, that is before they were torn asunder by the rage of a forgotten god and their wealth was scattered to the desert winds. Now the basin is teeming with ruins, ruins that still hold powerful secrets for those brave enough to claim them.

That is if you get past the guardians.

Animated Keepers

As ancient as the ruins themselves, these guardians were forged to resemble the celestial figures that were central to life in the Korvan Basin. To this day, they keep eternal vigil over what remains of the Korvan people, even though the very people they were created to protect are long gone.

Do not mistake their still features and stone joints as a sign of weakness. These guardians are powered by unnatural eldritch forces that give them a form of life. If they, or their wards are threatened, expect to be met with a few tons of resistance.

Some of the temples in the region remain untouched after centuries due to the mighty protectors that still stand at their gates.

Stone Gryphons

Formed from the same stone used to create the animated guardians, these formidable beings were shaped to resemble the deadly beasts that soar the skies of the Korvan Basin.

Just as the creatures they resemble, the Stone Gryphons have powerful claws and vicious beaks capable of shredding their foes. Take great care when approaching these statues, as you may never know which are merely decorative…and which are guardians left behind to ward off against would be thieves.

If you wish to learn the secrets of the Korvan people and plunder their tombs, you will have no choice but to face off against these eternal protectors.