Age of Wonders: Planetfall Developer Q&A

The official announcement of Age of Wonders: Planetfall didn't give us much to work with and left us wondering as to why exactly the long-running fantasy series has gone sci-fi all of a sudden. As it turns out, the main reason for this is precisely the series' longevity. According to a live Q&A session with three high-ranking Triumph Studios developers, they felt like they had to try something new after doing fantasy for 20 years and sci-fi was an obvious choice.

And apart from that, the 23 minute long Q&A session does a great job of introducing Planetfall's world and setting with its distinct but familiar races, all former members of a fallen galactic empire that will try to pick up the pieces, rebuild and prosper in their own unique ways. And in the process, we get to hear about the team's inspirations, the strategic gameplay and the tactical combat of Planetfall. Check it out: