The Fable Franchise May Have a Future, After All

Back in July, Flaming Fowl Studios released an early access/preview version of Fable Fortune, and the CCG/RPG crossbreed has been garnering positive reception from both Windows and Xbox players ever since. Perhaps that is why the conversation that GameSpot had with Xbox GM Shannon Loftis seemed to suggest that Microsoft could make a formal return to the series in the not-too-distant future. If they do, I certainly hope they analyze what made the first two games stand out from the rest:
She told GameSpot this week as part of her PAX Aus travels that Microsoft loves Fable as a franchise. One of the main reasons why Loftis moved to England years ago was to help lead the production of Fable II.

"Fable is very near and dear to my heart," Loftis said. "Actually one of the primary reasons [I moved to England] was to work with the team on Fable II. Fable Fortune is now out, the card game. We love the IP. I can't talk right now about whether we're doing anything with it or not, but if I ever get the chance to go back to Albion ... "

Loftis' role as GM of Xbox Publishing for first-party games means she would be a key player in bringing back the Fable franchise. Though as of yet, we don't know if there have been any pitches internally at Microsoft to do so. She told GameSpot that her team receives between 350 and 400 pitches for games every year. Given the name and prominence of Fable as a franchise, we would be surprised if it never came back. But for now, it sounds like Microsoft is taking a similar to approach to how EA is handling Mass Effect, in that it is giving the franchise time to rest before potentially bringing it back.