Expeditions: Conquistador Post-funding Update #15

There's a fifteenth update to the Expeditions: Conquistador awaiting us this evening, during which we learn that the small team at Logic Artists has been working hard on the game's UI, camp management system, crafting system, and more. Here's a sampling:
A major focus for us this past month has been the design and creation of our camp management system. This system is intended to add more variation, logistics, and long-term strategy to the basic act of exploring our game world, and it incorporates several different features. Above, you can see the Tasks tab where you can assign routine tasks as well as contextual tasks to each of your followers. The follower list can be sorted by name, tasks, health, type, or rank, in ascending or descending order.

You'll also notice a sequence of numbers under the name of every follower, which summarises their skills. A follower's starting skills are based on their type, but every time you promote a follower, he or she is granted 3 skillpoints that you are free to distribute among their camping skills. The follower list in the camping menu also displays the type, rank, morale, and health of each follower, as well as what food you've given them to eat.

In the Rations tab, you can decide what each follower should eat when you make camp. Meat is gained from hunting down peccaries during your travels and from assigning followers to hunt when you make camp - any meat that isn't either eaten or preserved will spoil and is wasted when you camp, so you should only assign rations if you have no meat. If anybody has to go hungry, they will lose morale.

Additionally, you can choose to assign two meals of meat or rations to a follower, which will grant you a chance to raise that follower's morale - the lower their morale, the better the chance. If you don't want to worry about this, you can simply click the Default button, which will assign one meal of meat to each follower and only switch to rations when you run out of meat.

As a part of the camping system, we've also added a crafting system. This consists of two parts: Construction, where you can assign each follower to construct one item every day out of four new crafting materials, and Invention where you can assign a follower to invent upgrades for your expedition, such as more comfortable tents or faster carts. The resource expenditure for construction will depend on the Tinkering skill of the character, and only characters with a high Tinkering skill will be able to invent the highest levels of each upgrade.