Antharion Interview

There's an interview with Orphic Software's Ari Rae-Silver up on RPG Codex, during which they chat with the designer about their promising Kickstarter campaign for the old school RPG Antharion. A bit of what to expect:
Can you introduce our readers to the game's setting, backstory and plot? What are some of the themes you aim to explore with Antharion?

The game is set in the fantasy world of Antharion, a huge island continent. The beloved King and uniter of Antharion was recently murdered by his own son Zeverith. Zeverith paraded his father's corpse through the streets of the capitol. Then he had the corpse rendered into a monument in the center of the capital city square so as to remind all the citizens of his ultimate power. Along with dissolving the Senate, Zeverith sold of huge swaths of land (along with the inhabitants) to wealthy powerful interests. Magic was long the domain of a small group of very powerful wizards known simply as, The Order. Zeverith saw the Order as a potential threat to his power and sentenced them all to death. Most were killed but some escaped off into lost labyrinths while others magically constructed their own labyrinths. Zeverith sent his men from town to town to hunt down every last wizard in what became known as The Purge. Caught up in The Purge, your quiet little village on the outskirts of the Kingdom was burned entirely to the ground and all of its townspeople massacred. Your party alone was spared and taken into a dungeon for torturings and executions. This is where the game begins. Antharion's world has a whole history behind it and you'll be able to read all about it inside of the game via books, if you're so inclined.

The Kickstarter page doesn't have any information on races and classes. Could you describe them for us and explain how they relate to the game world? Will NPCs react differently to characters of different races?

There are 5 races: Human, Lynx (the cat-like creatures), Elves, Orcs, and Necrophils (the demonic beings). Each race has its own set of strengths and all are inextricably tied in with the game world and storyline. Humans are the most politically powerful race and the de facto rulers. Elves are a noble race and are widely admired for their beauty but have little influence beyond culture. Orcs, once a great race of warriors whose warlords ruled over Antharion for aeons, are now taken and sold as slaves by Humans. Lynx are subterranean and reside solitarily on the fringes of society. Necrophils, originally the magical creations of adept Wizards, gradually improved their own powers through magical self-replicating techniques, eventually becoming more magically proficient than their creators. Some NPCs will react to your party differently depending on its racial makeup. Sometime favorably, other times disfavorably.