The Witcher Nears 2 Million Sold, Sequel Pre-orders Over 100K

It's hard to say if the 1.7 million sales milestone of the original The Witcher includes any of the purchases from the Good Old Games release two days ago, but I suspect that its sequel is going to sell even more copies than that. According to this brief press release, nearly 112,000 copies of the The Witcher 2 have already been pre-ordered:
The Witcher 2 Pre-Orders Surge Over 100K

As the final days count down toward May 17, the international release date for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, pre-orders for the highly anticipated RPG are rapidly counting up. CD Projekt RED announced today that as of the start of business this morning, the total was 111,842 units, of which approximately 40 percent are for the Digital Premium Edition. The entire 9,999-unit Polish Collector's Edition has been pre-ordered, and availability of the limited edition versions is also dwindling rapidly in other territories. With interest in the game continuing to spike upward, the final number is certain to be substantially higher.

The Witcher 2 is the sequel to CD Projekt RED's debut 1.7 million-selling RPG, which received over 100 awards and honors. Continuing the saga of professional monster-slayer Geralt of Rivia, it features a new combat system that is simultaneously tactical and viscerally brutal, state of the art graphics rendered by the all-new proprietary REDengine, a thoroughly immersive story, non-linear game narration, intriguing characters, mature themes, important decisions where the options and consequences aren't automatically good or bad, and player choices that lead to meaningful changes in the story and the world.