Din's Curse: Demon War Review

411mania is next to review Din's Curse expansion Demon War, and while they feel that the random nature of the game can sometimes lead to unfortunate results (overly difficult dungeons, losing NPCs), they like the game, giving it a 7.5.
The game now features seven different classes, with the Demon War expansion adding Demon Hunter. While you can just be one of the classes, the real fun lies in the hybrid classes. The main difference is main classes get three specialties, while hybrids only get two. The good thing, though is that the two specialties can come from any of the classes. So, you can have a warrior that can launch fireballs or heal. I decided to be a Demon Hunter with healing abilities. After all, I needed some way to stay alive from the enemies.

Like the towns in the game, the dungeons are also randomized. Some can be simple with only a few enemies in each location, while others can seem to go on forever with dozens of mobs. Enemies also respawn, even while you're in the dungeon. So, if you're running low on supplies and need to escape, be prepared to either fight or flee on your way out.