Dungeon Siege III Preview

Official Xbox 360 Magazine UK has put up on their website a slightly dated preview of Obsidian's upcoming latest installment of the hack'n'slash franchise. None of the info is new, but it should suffice as a quick general overview for those who aren't up to speed about this title. Here's a snippet:
It's the stance system that'll take most getting used to, but it's all logical stuff - you can swap instantly between your character's two combat stances with a tap of the left bumper. The effect is different for each character, although it's most dramatic in Anjali, who'll flip from girl-next-door-with-a-spear, into a floating astral flame demon.

Your stance doesn't just affect your basic attack, it changes your palette of special moves. You start off with just A and X mapped to powers, but as you level up, the gamepad fills with new abilities. You'll quickly pick up the tactics of your character, and learn to use the third defensive stance - hold LT to block, make an evasive roll, and access your third set of defensive special moves.