Perks: Levels 4-6
Adrenaline Rush (Level: 6)

Requirements: ST < 9

With this perk, you gain +1 ST when you drop below 1/2 of your max hit points.

Bonus Move (Ranks: 2, Level: 6)

Requirements: AG 5

For each level of Bonus Move, you get to move 20% farther per action point. [This perk has no effect in CTB mode.]

Bonus Ranged Damage (Ranks: 2, Level: 6)

Requirements: AG 6, LK 6

Your training in firearms and other ranged weapons has made you more deadly in ranged combat. For each rank of this perk, you gain an additional 15% damage with ranged weapons.

Bracing (Level: 4)

Requirements: Big Guns 60%, EN 5

You have learned how to brace large weapons while standing. You will receive +2 ST for the purpose of firing large guns from a standing position.

Cancerous Growth (Level: 6)

Requirements: ST < 7

You have mutated so badly that you gain +2 to heal rate and you can even regenerate broken limbs. Only ghouls may pick this perk.

Death Sense (Level: 4)

Requirements: IN 5

You have developed superior senses. The perk gives you a +20% bonus to perception while in the dark and a +25% bonus to detecting enemies using the sneak skill. Only deathclaws can pick this perk.

Educated (Ranks: 3, Level: 6)

Requirements: IN 6

Each rank of Educated adds +2 skill points when you gain a new experience level. This perk works best when purchased early in the adventure.

Flexible (Level: 4)

Requirements: AG 6

Years of exercise have made you incredibly supple. You can change stance in half the time of a normal person.

Gambler (Level: 6)

Requirements: Gambling 50%

You can roll with the best of them. You gain +20% to your gambling skill.

Ghost (Level: 6)

Requirements: Sneak 60%

When the sun goes down or you are in a poorly lit area, you move like a ghost with this perk. Your sneak skill is enhanced by +20% in dark conditions.

Harmless (Level: 6)

Requirements: Steal 50%

Your innocent demeaner makes stealing from people a little easier. You gain 20% to your steal skill. Deathclaws cannot be Harmless.

Heave Ho! (Ranks: 3, Level: 6)

Requirements: ST < 9

Each rank of this perk gives you an additional +2 ST for purposes of determining range with thrown weapons only. This perk will not exceed a weapon's maximum range.

Hit the Deck (Level: 4)

Requirements: AG 6

You react very quickly to the word "incoming!" Selecting this perk halves the damage from area attacks and splash damage.

Leader (Level: 4)

Requirements: CH 6

You are a natural leader. Any squad member within your area of influence will receive +1 AG and +5 AC. [The leader doesn't get this bonus.] Animals cannot lead.

Loner (Level: 4)

Requirements: Outdoorsman 40%, CH < 5

Your solitary childhood and upbringing mean that you work much better when alone. You receive +10% to all rolls when outside the influence of other sqaud members.

More Criticals (Ranks: 3, Level: 6)

Requirements: LK 6

You are more likely to cause critical hits in combat if you have this perk. Each rank of More Criticals gets you an additional +5% chance to cause a critical hit. Super mutants cannot pick this perk.

Negotiator (Level: 6)

Requirements: Barter 70%

You are a very skilled negotiator. Not only can you barter with the best of them, but you can talk your way into or out of almost anything. With this perk, you gain +20% to barter.

Pack Rat (Level: 6)

Requirements: None

You are efficient at arranging your inventory in general. This makes it much easier to carry that little something extra you've always needed.

Pathfinder (Ranks: 2, Level: 6)

Requirements: Outdoorsman 40%, EN 6

You are better able to find the shortest route. Your travel time on the world map is reduced by 25% for each rank of this perk.

Quick Recovery (Level: 6)

Requirements: AG 5

You are quick at recovering from being knocked down.

Rad Resistance (Ranks: 2, Level: 6)

Requirements: EN 6, IN 4

You are better able to avoid radiation and the bad effects radiation causes. Each rank of this perk improves your radiation resistance by 15%. Ghouls cannot pick this perk.

Ranger (Level: 6)

Requirements: PE 6

You gain +15% towards your outdoorsman skill. You are more likely to avoid random encounters if you choose, and tend to find those special encounters more than most.

Salesman (Level: 6)

Requirements: Barter 50%

You are an adept salesperson. With this perk, you gain +20% towards your barter skill. Animals cannot be Salesmen.

Silent Running (Level: 6)

Requirements: Sneak 50%, AG 6

With this perk, you now have the ability to move quickly and still remain silent. You can sneak and run at the same time. Without this perk, you would automatically stop sneaking if you started running.

Snakeater (Ranks: 2, Level: 6)

Requirements: EN 3

Yum! Tastes like chicken. For each rank of this perk, you gain +25% to your poison resistance.

Steady Arm (Level: 4)

Requirements: ST 6

Your massive size means burst attacks cost one less AP while standing. Only mutants can pick this perk.

Stunt Man (Level: 6)

Requirements: ST 6, EN 6, AG 6

You've learned to bounce! You receive 25% less damage from falling or being blown over by explosives. You also get a 10% bonus to your piloting skill. There are no Stunt Animals in Fallout Tactics.

Way of the Fruit (Level: 6)

Requirements: CH 6

You understand the ancient way of the fruit. You enjoy strange and wonderful benefits whenever you eat fruit. [Each fruit can give you permanent +1 ST, up to your racial maximum +2.] Animals cannot pick this perk.