Perks: Levels 13-15
Bonus HtH Attacks (Level: 15)

Requirements: AG 6

You have learned the secret arts of the East, or you just punch faster. In any case, your hand-to-hand attacks cost 1 AP less to perform.

Bonus Rate of Fire (Level: 15)

Requirements: PE 6, IN 6, AG 7

This perk allows you to pull the trigger a little faster and still remain as accurate as before. Each ranged weapon attack costs 1 AP less to perform.

Divine Favor (Level: 14)

Requirements: CH 8

Some higher power has taken a liking to you. [You gain +1 to your highest primary statistic, and your perk rate drops by 1.]

Pickpocket (Level: 15)

Requirements: Steal 80%, AG 8

You are much more adept at stealing than the normal crook. You can steal with the best of them, because with this perk you ignore size and facing modifiers when stealing from people.