Temple of Trials
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After the introduction you'll be placed just outside the foyer-like entrance hall of the temple with no escape from the area except to pass the trial. Your main goal is to enter the temple, navigate its short halls, kill a few creatures along the way for experience, pick up a couple of items if you wish including the explosives in a pot near the inner sanctum door, pick up all the scorpion tails you can carry (for barter purposes) and finally face off against Cameron, your final trial. It's not as hard as it sounds, though the beginning of this game is definitely more difficult than in F1.

The ants are fairly easy in the temple, but beware of the scorpions, as they can poison you and hit often. In fact, I believe they're a tad difficult for the area and would have toned them down just a little had I been working on the game... but regardless, use this technique if you have several action points per round on any animals or creatures with few action points (such as scorpions, ants, rats, etc.): attack them once and use the remaining action points to run away. On their turn they'll spend enough action points as to not have enough for a single attack. Use that opportunity to attack and run once again. That technique will surely save your life. If you do not have many action points (6-7 or fewer), consider using the same technique and the critter will likely only get one attack rather than two... and by all means fight fewer creatures.

There are two pieces of advice I'd like to share now. One is obvious but I'm often surprised at watching other's saving habits, so I'll mention it. Use all 10 slots the game offers, and save before any significant event. Make sure to spread your saves around in case you need to go back to a previous one. Secondly, search everything you can... desks, lockers, pots, wall-panels, dead bodies, etc. Most of the great stuff you find will be lying around, in a container or on opponent's bodies.

In the Temple, look for an explosive in one of the pots, as you'll need it to open the Inner Sanctum door. Once you reach a doorway that you cannot open, open your inventory with the explosive, hold your cursor over it to bring up the menu, and "use" it to bring up a timer. As long as you remain in your inventory, any time you set the explosive to will not count down until you exit, so no worries there. Twenty seconds should be plenty of time to make an escape, so hold your cursor over the explosive again, and "drop" it next to the door with the counter set, and then run away. Enter through the hole and you'll find Cameron in the northwest section of the next area. Save before confronting him.

Your options with Cameron are to either fight him in unarmed combat (for around 20hp of damage with no access to healing), steal his key and use it on the door in the same room, or convince him that you both do not have to fight (only if you have speech tagged and an average intelligence). After you're through, you'll find yourself in the small village of Arroyo.