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Once you've been to Vault City and completed some of the quests there, you'll likely have Gecko on your world map. Either way, it's slightly northeast of Vault City, and is an area that's filled with mostly friendly ghouls and a few quests for xp worth earning.

Quests & Opportunities

Here is a list of some of the quests and other opportunities in Gecko, each with a brief synopsis containing at least one way to solve it. The remaining ways, and possibly other minor quests I will leave up to you.

1. Solve the Gecko powerplant problem:

You'll find Harold in the manager's office. First pick up the part requisition form and other stuff from the desk behind him, for use later. Now talk to Harry to learn of Gecko's radiation problem and they could use a hydroelectric magnetosphere regulator from Vault City to solve the problem. Travel to the council area in Vault City to speak with McClure, who will tell you that Randal in the Amenities Office has the part. Pick it up and return to Gecko's power plant and search through the containers inside for the Yellow and Red Pass keys needed to enter through some of the doors in the area. On the eastern end of the complex, and through several doors you'll find the main control computer.

Use the computer and first initialize it, then initiate the repair sequence. Now you'll continue to "add a command" until all the options are used up. The order of commands is simply the order of planets in the solar system from furthest from the sun to the innermost planet listed (Jupiter). Specifically, you'll add commands with the word Pluto first, Neptune second, Uranus third, Saturn fourth and Jupiter last. Then you'll add the "install hydroelectric magnetosphere regulator" command, and finally execute the program for nice xp. Now speak with Festus who's in the southeast corner of the power plant for the next quest.

2. Optimize the powerplant:

Find Festus in the SE corner of the power plant after you've repaired the reactor and he'll give you an optimization holodisk for you to take to Vault City. Take it to McClure, and tell him about the optimization of the reactor and of the holodisk before telling him you repaired the Gecko power plant, and you'll not have to go into the vault for the optimization; instead, he'll give you the optimized data. Along with the xp you get for this, tell him you've repaired the Gecko power plant and you'll become a Vault City citizen! Congrats. If you happened to forget about telling him about the holodisk first, just go back into level 3 of the vault, and use the holodisk on the central computer for the optimized data. Take the data back to Festus at the Gecko power plant, who will then tell you to use it on the computer. Do so for another nice bit of xp.

3. Get super repair kit for Skeeter:

Skeeter's in the junkyard section of Gecko inside one of the buildings. Talk to him about cars, and he'll offer the fuel cell controller, the part needed for your future car in The Den, in return for a Super Repair Kit. You should have one from vault city, quest #6, but if not, see that section for details. When you return to Skeeter, you'll receive the necessary part, and the next quest.

4. Get 3 step plasma transformer for Skeeter:

After completing quest #3 above, Skeeter will ask you to fetch him the plasma transformer, which is in the power plant under the supervision of one Jeremy on the northern end. Before you pick up the part, you'll need a requisition form. Go back to Harold in the manager's office, and in his desk (if you don't already have it), you'll find the form. Take it to Jeremy and receive the transformer. Take it back to Skeeter and as a bonus, you'll get one free upgrade of any weapon of your choice (that's upgradeable of course... see our equipment section for those weapons).

5. Find Woody the ghoul for Percy. Try the Den:

Find Percy in the junkyard, and he'll give you this quest. Travel back to The Den, enter the southern most building on the west side of town, the one with the coffin. Check out the mummy and you'll find that it's Woody and receive xp. Return to Percy now for some anti-radiation drugs.