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On your way to Vault City from The Den stop in Modoc, which will be highlighted as you pass through it. There are some fairly easy quests here for decent xp.

Speak with Grisham of the Slaughterhouse for a quest to save his brahmin herd from wild dogs. After the conversation you'll be transported to the brahmin fields where 10 dogs will begin attacking the herd. Your job is to save as many as possible for some xp and extra money.

Rose at the Bed & Breakfast will offer you a Wasteland Omelette that will completely heal you.

You can use your Doctor skill on the injured brahmin Bess south of the Slaughterhouse for a bit of xp.

Quests & Opportunities:

Here is a list of some of the quests and other opportunities in Modoc, each with a brief synopsis containing at least one way to solve it. The remaining ways, and possibly other minor quests I will leave up to you.

1. Farrel has a rodent problem in his garden. Remove the infestation:

You'll find Farrel southeast of the Bed & Breakfast. He'll ask that you rid his garden of rats... which happen to be poisonous and radioactive at the same time (no worries though, as it's very minor). Return after the job is done for some xp.

2. Cornelius has lost his gold pocket watch. Find it and return it to him:

A demented old man Cornelius at the back of the B&B mentions a watch to you after your conversation. When you find it, after quest #3 next, you'll get a moderate dose of xp.

3. Farrel wants you to find Cornelius' gold pocket watch. Find it and return it to Farrel:

Similar to quest #2 above, Farrel and Cornelius aren't exactly buddies, but the distrust is misplaced in both men. The watch can be found not in the safe near Farrel as you might imagine, but underneath the outhouse east of the B&B. You'll need to plant some dynamite near the blocked passage once you climb down the toilet (seriously)... and for some fresh dynamite see Jo at the general store. When you plant it, make sure and climb back up before the explosion or you may partially get caught as it's fairly cramped down there. Head north, battle a rat, search its domain for the watch, and return it either to Cornelius or back to Farrel for an xp reward.

4. Jonny is missing. Find him and bring him home to Balthas:

Speak with Balthas the tanner, who will tell you about his missing son. There's a well in town that you can climb down with a rope, to which you will find Jonny's BB gun, but do not tell Balthas that you think Jonny is dead. Instead, continue on with quest #6. You'll get quest #5 after you find Jonny in the caves.

5. Jonny's in the Slag caves. Find a way to get Jonny back home to Balthas:

Simply continue with quest #6 and #7, find Jonny and bring him home for a nice Combat Leather Jacket and $2k.

6. Something strange is happening at the farm northeast of Modoc. Investigate and report back to Jo:

Find Jo at the general store, ask about the GECK and he'll request that you investigate strange occurrences at the Ghost Farm in return for information about the GECK. Exit Modoc and head to the Ghost Farm, a little ways NE and marked on your map. Examine one of the gruesome bodies, and continue through the central pathway to the small building. Walk over the middle rug to fall down, and speak with the main Slag named Vegeir, who will ask you to deliver a diplomatic message to Modoc. Agree, and then search the back of the slag caves to find Jonny, one of the boys running around. Now you'll have quest #5.

7. Deliver Slag message to Jo in Modoc:

Simply take Vegeir's message from quest #6 to Jo at the general store, who will still be suspicious and give you quest #8, but if you've already talked with Karl at Mom's Diner in The Den, and examined one of the bodies (as per quest #6), you'll receive a healthy sum of xp for forging an alliance between Modoc and the Slags. You can also now go back to Vegeir, tell him about your success and ask about Jonny in the back of the caves. He'll give you Jonny's freedom, an assault rifle and an escort back if you should require it. Return to Balthas the tanner for your reward from Jonny's quests.

8. Jo is suspicious of the Slags. Find out about the dead bodies at the Ghost Farm and find out what happened to Karl:

See #7, and you'll have 31 days to complete this quest. If you haven't yet talked with Karl in Mom's Diner in The Den and heard about his story, make the round trip to The Den and back, and you'll have completed this quest. You can tell Karl to return for xp.