New Reno
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On the corner of the street, you'll see Jules. He's a great source of information if you don't mind paying $25 per info about each of the four families in Reno. At least you'll get directions, new additions to your map, etc. from talking to him. He can put the Stables and Golgotha on your map if you follow the conversation about Jet. He can also direct you to merchants for just about anything there.

There are four mafia-like families in New Reno, and you can become "made" with any one of them, your choice. As soon as you do the final quest for the family, you cannot do any further quests for the others, so if you're in it for the quests, I'd recommend picking a family to side with, and doing all of the familiy's quests (perhaps even including their last) but only reporting the last quest of the family you want to side with. For "good" players, consider the Wright family.

You can become a prize fighter if you go to the Jungle Gym and speak with Stuart. You might want to consider picking up the plated boxing gloves from the basement of the Shark Club to help you with the fight. There are four fights you'll have to deal with before you're champion and it doesn't take a ton in unarmed to do it.

For upgrading weapons, sneak into the back of Eldridge the merchants, past the dogs that like to bark, and into the basement to speak with Algernon, who can upgrade them for free!

Finally, do not forget to pick up a Computer Voice Module from Eldridge, used at Vault 13... if you do not already have one from the vault in Vault City.

Quests & Opportunities

Here is a list of some of the quests and other opportunities in New Reno, each with a brief synopsis containing at least one way to solve it. The remaining ways, and possibly other minor quests I will leave up to you.

1. Find a way into the Sierra Army Base:

Orville Wright's next quest (see #3 first) rewards you with the "made man" status... so if you're wanting to do all the quests possible, hold off on the reward at least until you finish the others. For preparation, take a long-range rifle like the scoped hunting rifle or sniper rifle to take out the turrets on your way inside and see that your Repair skill is not high but at least workable for the easiest time. To come away with a useful NPC you'll also want your Science skill to be fairly high actually, over 100% for the best results, but can still complete the mission regardless of either Repair or Science. Also leave your party members where you can find them and go it alone. The Army base will be located not too far north of New Reno. Head over there when you've got some time because it's slightly involving.

Take out the gun turrets along the perimeter by disabling their lenses and then enter the small trapped bunker on the west side. Take the howitzer shell from one of the locked ammo crates and use it on the howitzer to gain entrance into the base. On the inside, take the paper with computer passwords from the desk, and use them on the computer afterward to deactivate the fields. You can also use your Repair skill to temporarily disable them. You'll find a Yellow Memory Module, Dixon's Eye and other goodies in the rooms on the east side. You can use the Eye on the retinal scanner of the elevator on the east side to access levels 2 and 3. For all four levels at once, use the other elevator and pick its lock.

On level 2, leave the robots alone or they'll attack. They'll also attack if you trip the alarm. In the southeast corner of the level, there's a great weapons storage area, but is locked and trapped by an electronic pressure plate. You can use the computer nearby or pick the lock with a good lockpick skill, to find an assortment of quality items and combat armor. When you're ready for level 3, you can use Dixon's eye again.

On level 3, there's an AI named Skynet that wants to escape but needs a brain from level 4 in order to do so. You'll also need a Bio Med Gel (from either level 1 or right here on the ground) and a robot motivator part, which you can pick up from any robot but means you'll have to go hostile on one of the levels. You'll also find Clifton's Eye in a locker on the northeast end of this level to use on the other elevator.

After you return from level 4 with a brain and have your robot part, use the Bio Med Gel, the part from the robot and the best brain you could come up with on the broken robot on this level and you'll have a new NPC, from useless to useful depending on your science skill.

On level 4, access the computer in the northwest room and tell it to retreive a cadaver, and choose Private Dobbs. Talk with him, pick up his remains and then use the computer once again to retreive a brain. Depending on your Science skill, you'll get different qualities, but the best is the cybernetic and requires a fairly high Science skill. Use whichever part you received on level 3 along with the other required bits to receive your new NPC.

2. Recover your stolen car:

If you have the car and leave it on Virgin Street your first time, then say so long to your trusty vehicle. Just kidding, here's how to get it back. Talk with Jules about it, threaten him if you need to and he'll direct you to the chop shop. Sashay into the garage and have a chat with T-Ray. There are at least a few ways of solving this, and I'll provide a couple. With decent diplomatic skills, you can convince T-Ray that you're a made man of Bishop's and get your car back, or you can pay him the cash he demands. Alternatively you can sleep with him if you're female. Talk to him about upgrades after you're through, assuming he's still alive.

3. Find out who was responsible for Richard Wright's overdose:

Your mission is to get into see Orville Wright. You can do this by a good word from Chris at the rail station, and then telling Keith that Chris sent you, or by speaking with Keith directly. When you're in, Orville will talk about his son's jet overdose, and ask you to investigate, pointing you toward a few dealers in town: Jules, Renesco, Jimmy J and Little Jesus. With a high Intelligence (7) you can get him to tell you the location of Richard's room. You can also find the location by talking with Keith and having a high Charisma. Search the bookcase there for some xp, take the empty jet cannister and find jagged Jimmy J. He'll tell you that it's laced with poison, so pay a visit to Renesco and he'll spill about the Salvatore's involvement. You can now take that info back to Orville, and finger the Salvatores for a reward and your next quest (#1) to find a way into the Sierra Army Depot.

4. Track down Pretty Boy Lloyd, recover the stolen money, and make an... example of him:

In Salvatore's Bar, talk Mason into granting a meeting with Salvatore. Your first quest is the title of this section, and Lloyd is in the basement of the Desperado. Unlock the doors on your way to Lloyd, and tell him to lead you to the money. Make him dig up the grave, go down and get the money, come back up where Lloyd will attack, so kill him and report back to Salvatore for your next quest, #5.

5. Go visit Renesco the Rocketman and collect Mr. Salvatore's tribute of $1000:

Unload most of your inventory somewhere before talking with Renesco if you want a lot of items at a severly discounted price. Now convince him that Salvatore sent you to collect, and ask for a discount if you pay ($1 for all the items in his inventory you can handle). Now you're able to take anything you can carry, so grab it all, and then report back to Salvatore for your next quest.

6. Help guard a secret transaction taking place in the desert:

In one of the easiest quests of the game, this is final quest to become a made man of the Salvatores. Talk with Mason and follow him to the desert where you will watch a transaction taking place. When it's over, return to Salvatore to receive your made man status and reward.

7. Assassinate Westin in NCR without making it look like a murder:

After you've delivered Moore's briefcase (see Vault City, quest #1) to Mr. Bishop, you'll get this quest. Make sure you're through with Westin before killing him (see NCR or Vault City), else those quests will be dead ends.

8. Murder Carlson in NCR - 1000 XP and 'made man' of Bishop family:

For made-mansmanship with the Bishop family, complete quest #7 and you'll get this one. If you happen to take out Carlson without anyone noticing, you'll get additional xp.

9. Deliver ten Cat's Paw magazines to Miss Kitty:

Found in various places throughout the game, including john's, shelves and other containers, if you find ten of these, take them back to Miss Kitty at the Cat's Paw, across from Jules to receive your xp and cash reward. You must have one to initiate the quest.

10. Deliver a laser pistol to Eldridge:

Jules or Father Tully can tell you about the "lightbringers" of the Salvatore family. After you learn that piece of info, stroll over to Eldridge and ask him about it. Now find a laser pistol (you should have some from the Sierra Army Depot if you did that quest) and take it back to him for an xp and cash reward.

11. Deliver Big Jesus' package to Ramirez at the Stables:

You'll find Big Jesus Mordino on the first floor of the Desperado. To talk with him you can either get the introduction from Little Jesus or go to him directly which is just slightly riskier. His first quest will be to deliver the package and when you accept, you'll be teleported to the Stables. Simply find Ramirez and deliver the package. Return to Big Jesus for your reward and next quest, #12.

12. Collect tribute from the Corsican Brothers:

Simple. After you've finished quest #11, find the Golden Globes porn studio, and convince the brothers to give you $250. Return to Big Jesus Mordino at the Desperado for your final task, quest #13.

13. Assassinate Boss Salvatore for Big Jesus Mordino:

This is to become a made man for the Mordino's. The quest is simple. You can use brute force, or find the poison tank in the basement of the Desperado and use the Steal skill to switch it with the oxygen tank in Mr. Salvatore's inventory. If you go postal, you'll have to take down the whole Salvatore family. There are some decent items to be had. Return to Big Jesus and you'll get some nice xp and a bit of cash.

14. Find some endorphin blockers to make a cure for Jet:

If you've got a fairly high Intelligence and Science skill of over 80%, and once you have the Stables on your map (see #11 or talk with Jules about Jet), go there and find Myron. Ask about a possible cure for Jet and he'll tell you about Vault City. Now venture to the 1st level of the vault in Vault City and speak with Dr. Troy. Ask about the endorphin blockers and you'll get more xp and a couple of Jet Antidotes. Now speak with McClure in the council building to tell him of your find.

Head to Redding and find Doc Johnson and tell him about the cure to solve the Redding jet problem. Return to McClure in Vault City for your final reward, but don't ask for one and you'll get much more. This quest will also be perpetually open on your quest list.

15. Bust up Wright's still beneath the train station:

For one of the unique weapons in the game, the Louisville Slugger at completion, find a way into the Wright's estate on the eastern side of Reno. You can either talk with one of his sons at the railroad station or the other son at the entrance. Once you're in, find Mrs. Wright in the northwest corner and talk with her about her husband's operation. Tell her New Reno is becoming a worse place because of it, and she'll become exasperated and tell you to meet her at the church the following morning.

Wait until at least 6am, and head to the front of the Church, where Father Tully is located in back. You'll see Mrs. Wright stroll in. Tell her you will wreck the stills yourself and proceed to the basement of the railroad station. Save your game (as the occupants have the potential to get angry) and use Repair or Science on one of the eastern most stills for xp. Return to Mrs. Wright for your new bat and some xp.