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You can pick up your first NPC in Klamath, Sulik, a very decent choice early in the game... and later after you find the Super Sledge. To get him, you'll either need to complete quest #2 or simply pay Maida Buckner the $350 he owes her. I'd recommend coming up with the money, as quest #2 is fairly difficult without him this early in the game.

Also find Vic's house on the east side and take (and keep) his radio and the pipe rifle... not a very efficient weapon but a ranged one nonetheless.

Finally, you can talk with John Sullivan in the Golden Gecko to pick up some training in unarmed and melee weapons.

Quests & Opportunities

Here is a list of some of the quests and other opportunities in Klamath, each with a brief synopsis containing at least one way to solve it. The remaining ways, and possibly other minor quests I will leave up to you.

1. Refuel the still:

In Buckner's, talk to Whiskey Bob, buy him a drink and you'll hear about his still that hasn't been refueled. There's a time limit to this quest, so I'd recommend you do it soon. The exit grid is to the south, and the area will be infested with geckos. The golden ones will radiate you and hit harder than the silver ones, so if you're still a fairly low level or don't yet have Sulik (see above), try and avoid them and you shouldn't have too much trouble waiting in between their patrols. Find the still inside the small shack in the southwest, and use the wood you'll see laying on the ground on the still to refuel it. Now report back to Bob, and he'll give you a small bit o' cash.

2. Rescue Smiley the Trapper:

In Buckner's talk with Ardin Buckner to find out about her missing fiance, Smiley. She'll add the Toxic Caves to your world map, and ask that you find him. Before you leave Klamath, you'll want to find some rubber boots. You can find some during quest #4 so I'd recommend you complete that first. Rats are going to be less of a problem than the geckos you face during this quest, so you might as well get some xp and hope to gain a level.

When you're ready, head to the toxic caves, equip rubber boots on both your character and any NPC's, and make your way to the west side of the caves, killing the golden geckos along the way. Smiley's held in a room to the south, so rescue him and return to Klamath, then find him again in Buckner's. Talk to him to learn the art of gecko skinning and you'll now have the opportunity to pick up gecko pelts from their bodies and barter them away for decent money.

3. Guard the brahmin:

Find Torr near Buckner's and he'll tell you about his brahmin in jeapordy. Accept the quest and you'll be taken to another area where scorpions abound in the southern area. Kill all of them (preferably taking them on one at a time) and return to Torr.

4. Kill the rat god:

Exit via the west exit grid to the Trapper Town area of Klamath. Find Slim Pocket in a building to the north, and attempt to get his key for the door. You can barter for it for $1, steal it from him, convince him that he should give it to you or simply pick the lock. When you're through, check the lockers of the Gun store for rubber boots. Enter the manhole, make it to the second level after wading through a swarm of rats, be careful of the larger rats, trying to take them one at a time, and you'll finally meet Keeng Ra'at, who can speak. Defeat it and move on to the locked door nearby. Use some dynamite on it, climb the ladder and you'll find a "Fuel Cell Regulator" for your car later on.

5. Rustle the brahmin:

Talk to the Dunton brothers, either during quest #3, or in town at their house, and ask for work. If you're working on quest #3, they'll ask for your help in stealing the brahmin by telling Torr to leave. Alternatively, if you speak to them in town, they'll also ask that you talk Torr into leaving the brahmin. Either way, you'll have a chance here to be slightly evil.

6. Rescue Torr:

If during quest #5 you asked Torr to leave, you can now go to Buckner's and speak with Ardin. She'll tell you that he's now missing, and once you point to the Dunton's, you'll be asked to find him. Exit via the grid to the northwest, defeat the robot and rescue Torr, who's nearby.