Vault 15
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Before traveling to Vault 15 the first time, be sure to stop by Shady Sands on your way and pick up a rope, necessary for entrance into the vault.

Vault 15 Areas
  • Cave Entrance: where you encounter the giant hole in the ground
  • Caverns: part of a cave & 1st level of the vault
  • Living Quarters: 2nd level of the vault
  • Command Center: 3rd level of the vault
Once you have a rope, enter the manhole at the entrance area and descend to the caverns.

These levels are filled with rats... over fifty throughout the vault, including a giant mole rat on level three. Search all containers including wall storage lockers during your trip through this vault and you'll come out with some decent items for this stage of the game including an SMG, Hunting Rifle and Leather Jacket. You can use the elevators to take you to levels 1 - 3, but only if you brought your rope. Attach it to the elevator on level 1 by using your inventory on the elevator shaft, selecting the rope, and then using it. You can then take the rope and use it on the other elevator shaft.

Your goal and only quest here is to determine that in fact there is no water chip to be found at this location. You do that by descending to level 3 and searching the room with the caved in wall on the east side of the small level. Beware of the giant mole rat on this level, who resides in the southwest of the level. Thoroughly search level 2 for the Hunting Rifle and level 3 (command center) for the SMG. Once you've determined that you'll need to search elsewhere for the water chip, you'll receive a message to that effect and 500xp.