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Junktown is a small town with filled with multiple quests, lots of experience and items to be had for early character levels, and a couple of NPCs, Tycho and Dogmeat. Enter it during the day, or you can enter at night if you're polite when you talk to the guard... and put away your weapon before you cross the threshold.

Your main goal in Junktown, besides the infusion of experience into your character, is that you can find out from Killian in the General Store where Necropolis, the Hub and the Raiders are on your World Map. If that's not an incentive.... There are other people of course who can add those locations on your map, and you may go explore anywhere on your own as well.

Junktown Areas
  • Entrance: includes Doc Morbid's "hospital"in the northwest section
  • Lab: the room below Doc Morbid's, relates to a minor quest
  • Crash House: includes the General Store, Killian and the Crash House motel
  • Casino: includes Gizmo's, the Bar, Tycho, Dogmeat and the pugilist ring

Junktown Quests

Here is a list of the significant quests in Junktown, each with a brief synopsis containing at least one way to solve it. The remaining ways, and possibly other minor quests I will leave up to you.

Assassination Attempt:

On the Crash House map, the first building on the south side is the General Store. When you enter the store during the daytime and talk with Killian, an assassin named Kenji will walk in and with the words "Gizmo sends his regards" attempt to end Killian's life. Save Killian by attacking the assassin and you'll be rewarded 400xp and one of these by Killian: a shotgun & shells, leather jacket, a few stimpaks (5) or a doctor's bag. This will also lead to the next quest, taking down Gizmo.

Gizmo's Confession:

After successfully saving Killian from the assassination as explained above, he asks you to help in bringing down Gizmo by digging up dirt from the man himself. When you accept (and if you don't you go to Jail... not a huge penalty but you miss out on xp) you'll get both a Bug and a Tape Recorder.

Go up to the Casino area, and into Gizmo's. His office is in the northwest corner. You can either use Steal and plant the bug on Gizmo himself, or using speech, trap him into telling you why he wants Killian dead. If you're going through the dialogue, you'll need to get him to say that he wants Killian dead because he's cramping his business. After that, end the conversation and you'll have enough to bring back to Killian. You don't need to do anything in particular with your tape recorder other than having it in your inventory. Return to Killian to complete the quest and receive 500xp, and another quest lead about Lars and wiping out Gizmo's gang once and for all.

Alternatively, you can work for Gizmo, and he'll ask that you kill Killian and his guards. This will likely make the town hostile toward you, so be careful if you go this route.

Gizmo's a Goner:

When you feel up to it, and be sure you're healed and game is saved, talk to Lars at the Entrance area once the above two quests are completed and agree to come along for the fight. You'll immediately be transported into Gizmo's office in the Casino. Help take out Gizmo and his immediate guards, making sure not to accidentally hit Lars' men. When you finish with just Gizmo and the goons in the room, end combat and talk to Lars for your reward of 600xp and caps, depending on whether you asked for money. Now hike back up to the now-empty Gizmo's and loot everything you want. On Gizmo's body (at the desk) is an iguana-on-a-stick, useful if you want to get the canine NPC named "Dogmeat," who is right to the east of Gizmo's as it happens.

Recruit Dogmeat:

Beside Gizmo's casino to the east is a small house with a dog near the entrance and two junktown citizens, one of them named Phil. Talk to Phil and you'll get a Mad Max reference. Simply wear your leather jacket and talk to the dog or use your iguana-on-a-stick (from Gizmo's body or Doc Morbid's hospital) on him and you'll get a new NPC. He'll follow you around faithfully, and there is no way of getting rid of him save Dogmeat dying in combat. That said, he can be fairly useful in the early stages of the game if you manage to keep him alive due to his multiple biting attacks.

Recruit Tycho:

Also on the Casino Map, to the northeast is the Skum Pitt bar. Walk into the bar past 4pm when there are multiple people there and you'll find Tycho, another recruitable NPC. Have a drink with him, and ask about the wilderness for a +5% hike to Outdoorsman, and then to join you for 300xp. He's probably the most skilled NPC to have with you in the game, so if you're fond of party members, consider him.

Also talk to the singer there, and compliment his singing to add the Boneyard, Brotherhood of Steel and Hub to your World Map if they aren't already there.

Saul & Trish:

Also in the bar, after speaking with Neal, a Skulz gang member will attack Trish, and she'll let out a scream for Saul, the boxer over at the ring. Neal will then blow away the Skulz gang member, which may come back to haunt him later depending on your actions. Go over to Trish and talk to her about Saul, and then head over to the boxing ring to the northwest of the bar. When Saul is approachable, talk to him about his boxing, and other subjects until you can mention that Trish is concerned. You'll receive 250xp.

Rescue Sinthia:

On the Crash House map, and in the Crash House, purchase a room for the night from Marcelles at the counter and agree to rest. During your sleep, Marcelles awakens you and tells you that someone has Sinthia held captive in the next room to the north. Go there to initiate automatic dialogue with the captor. If you end up killing him, you'll get 400xp but Sinthia will not talk to you. If you succeed during your speech checks, you can eventually talk him into leaving for 1000xp and if you're male or succeed a Charisma check, Sinthia will give you one on the house. The easiest way to let him go is to offer him money when it comes up during dialogue.

Steal Neal's Urn:

On the Crash House map, at the back of the Crash House, talk with the man in the leather jacket named Vinnie. Ask him to join the Skulz and agree to steal Neal's urn from the Skum Pitt bar. Wait until morning (around 6-10am should be fine) and enter the bar on the Casino map via the right side unlocked door. Take the Urn and bring it back to Vinnie for 400xp and another task, to kill Neal. Tell him you need some time to prepare to keep your options open now, and if you want to do the next quest. Carrying this through and killing Neal will get you 300xp once you return to Vinnie.

Bust up the Skulz:

There are at least two ways of completing this. One is to convince Sherry at the Crash House (near the back room) to leave the Skulz, and return 24 hours later and ask her to testify against them. When she accepts, tell Lars for 500xp.

The other way is if you've already been to see Vinnie about stealing Neal's urn (see the quest above). Upon returning to Vinnie to show him the Urn, he'll ask that you help them take down Neal. Tell him you want some time to prepare, and then squeal on him to Lars, who will then ask that you help Junktown get rid of the Skulz. Agree, and you'll be teleported to the Skum Pitt bar. For taking care of the Skulz, you'll get 300xp, and another 500xp when talking to Lars when it's over.