The Glow
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The Glow is an optional area in the far southeast of the Fallout World Map. It is extremely radiated, so before coming here make sure to have a couple Rad-X's and Radaways on your character, and a Rope for descending its depths. On your way here, stop just shy of the green circle that marks the Glow on your world map. Enter the area and apply two Rad-X. This should last you 24 hours, plenty of time for your stay in the Glow, providing you are careful with any skill books that you find (which take hours per book). You'll also find more Rad-X and Radaway inside depending on how far you decide to go.

Your main goal in The Glow, apart from finding the massive weapon and armor stash (with Plasma Rifle) on the last underground level you reach, is to find the holodisk of a Brotherhood member on the 1st underground level required for the entrance into the Brotherhood. After that, it's up to you if you feel like venturing further, but there is a lot of potential xp to be reaped.

All the underground levels other than the 1st require an elevator to reach, and every elevator requires a pass key of a particular color: Yellow, Red or Blue. You'll find these pass keys on Levels 1, 2 and 4. Level 1 has the Yellow Pass Key, level 2 the Red, and level 4, the Blue. If you do not have the right pass key, you'll be electrocuted for low damage each time. Read on for exact instructions.

Glow Areas
  • Entrance: a small exterior area with a gaping hole. Attach your rope to the left end to descend
  • Level 1: elevator requires a Yellow Pass Key, found this level
  • Level 2: elevator requires a Yellow Pass Key. The Red Pass Key is on this level
  • Level 3: two elevators. One requires the Yellow Pass Key, and the other a Red Pass Key
  • Level 4: elevator requires a Red Pass Key. The Blue Pass Key is on this level
  • Level 5: can only be reached from level 6
  • Level 6: two elevators. One requires the Red Pass Key, and the one to level 5 requires the Blue
As stated above, the elevators need one of three pass keys. Your goal is to make it to level 5 if you want the weapon and armor cache. On level 1, there is an elevator that takes you to levels 1-3 which requires a Yellow Pass Key, found on the Brotherhood member whose tape you'll be getting. You must use the pass key on the elevator to disable the electric field.

On level 3, there are two elevators. Aside from the one you entered the level from, there is another which requires a Red Pass Key and takes you to levels 3,4 and 6. On level 4, you'll find the Blue Pass Key. Level 6 also has two elevators, the one you used to enter from level 3 or 4, and another that takes you to level 5. You'll need a Blue Pass Key for that.

On every level, you'll find several disabled robots, usually in one of the rooms near the elevators. Attack them and kill them now, as they will be agressive and seek you out once you restore power to the place, and are fairly robust. As a bonus, you'll still get the xp for their deaths while they are inert. Another thing you'll encounter on most levels is the occasional trap which has a chance to damage you regardless of what you do.

As for the main reason you are here, the Brotherhood quest to find the tape, it is on the 1st level. Just walk around to the large room above the gigantic hole in the ground, taking some possible damage from the traps, and search the dead Brotherhood member in power armor. You'll find a Yellow Pass Key and the holodisk, which should be read for 100xp. You can continue down after this for the xp and rich rewards, or leave since your main task is done. If you're going to continue, search every locker and corpse for valuable items.

Glow Quests

Here is a list of the significant quests in The Glow, each with a brief synopsis containing at least one way to solve it. The remaining ways, and possibly other minor quests I will leave up to you.

Restore Power to the Area:

On Level 6, you'll find a generator. You can repair it (by using a tool if you're unsure of your repair skill) to restore power for 1000xp. This will allow you access to the elevator on this level which takes you to level 5. First, though, you must have the Blue Pass Key from level 4.

Find the Weapon & Armor Cache:

The cache is on level 5. The only way to reach level 5 is to find the Blue Pass Key on level 4, travel to level 6, repair the generator, and then use the blue key on the elevator. Once you're down, the robots on this level will attack, so be prepared. There is a sentient computer on this level named Zax. You can talk to it with an average intelligence or better, and will have access to some options such as turning off robot security if your science skill is up to it. You may also play chess with the computer, but this takes a couple of hours per game, and is not recommended to those who want to stay safe with the rad levels.

In the southeast part of the level, you'll see a long row of wall panels and several tall lockers. Open each of them to get your fill of weaponry and armor. It's simply awesome for this time in the game. Especially pay attention to the plasma rifle if you're planning on Energy Weapons. Once you upgrade it to the Turbo Plasma Rifle in Adytum (the Boneyards), you'll have the best weapon in the game, very capable of taking out virtually any enemy in one critical shot. Make sure to give the excess to your companions to hold if you want some barter power later. By now, you should be filthy rich in weapons and armor, and have virtually no more need for money.

On your way out of the complex, don't forget that there may be active robots on every level if you left them alone on your way down. Your next destination will be The Brotherhood of Steel. Return to the Hub before that to unload your stash of weapons and armor in preparation for the best armor in the game.