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If you're here because of the Tandi quest you received from Seth at Shady Sands, the details are on the Shady Sands page under the "Rescue Tandi from the Raiders" section at the bottom. If you're here after the Tandi quest and you left them alone, they'll be hostile to you regardless of how you completed it.

Raiders Areas
  • Base: this is the only area here
The main reason to kill them for "good" players is that they're ruffian scum. Of course, you could have sided with them during the Tandi quest as well. Knowing that a fight with the Raiders could be difficult in the early game, you'll likely need something more powerful than the 10mm Pistol you received at the beginning to defeat them all. The SMG from Vault 15 can help, or anything similarly or more powerful. The sniper rifle found later would be ideal, but by that time these guys would prove a piece of cake and their items of no importance. Also, another companion like Ian can help a great deal. There's some good loot to be had for beginning characters, but nothing notable for the middle and late game characters. Garl in the house should prove your toughest challenge. Search all the bins and containers for more items, and it's likely you'll have more than you can carry when you are finally finished raiding the raiders.