El Ammo Bandito!
El Ammo Bandito! You know Rapture would be a great place to live when a person can buy all manner of ammunition whenever they wish. Just because the service is there doesn't mean you should always use it, though. You'll find a lot of ammo in containers and on Splicer corpses, so don't go spending all your money unless it's really burning a hole in your pocket.

Below is a list of all the ammunition that can be purchased from El Ammo Bandito! machines. The dollar amount before the slash is the ammo's normal price, while the dollar amount after the slash is the hacked price.
  • 00 Buck x6 ($54/$41)
  • Antipersonnel Auto Rounds x40 ($100/$50)
  • Armor-Piercing Pistol Rounds x6 ($60/$30)
  • Electric Buck x6 ($72/$36)
  • Frag Grenade x3 ($60/$45)
  • Incendiary Bolt x6 ($80/$40)
  • Maching Gun Rounds x40 ($60/$45)
  • Napalm x100 ($75/$57)
  • Pistol Rounds x6 ($25/$19)
  • Proximity Mine x3 ($75/$38)
  • Steel-Tip Bolt x6 ($30/$23)