Circus of Values
Circus of Values Think of a Circus of Values vending machine as the modern day convenience store. You'll have the option of purchasing a little bit of everything from these stations - tools, health provisions, ammunition, and snacks. It's just a shame that we can't shoot the annoying clown promoting the vending line.

Below is a list of every item that can be purchased from Circus of Values machines. The dollar amount before the slash is the item's normal price, while the dollar amount after the slash is the hacked price. If the normal price is listed as "NA," then that item cannot be purchased unless the machine is hacked.
  • 00 Buck x6 ($54/$41)
  • Antipersonnel Auto Rounds x40 (NA/$75)
  • Armor-Piercing Pistol Rounds x6 ($60/$48)
  • Automatic Hack Tool x1 (NA/$60)
  • Chechnya Vodka x1 ($3/$2)
  • Coffee x1 ($5/$4)
  • Electric Buck x6 ($72/$54)
  • EVE Hypo x1 ($25/$20)
  • Film x15 ($15/$12)
  • First Aid Kit x1 ($20/$16)
  • Frag Grenade x3 ($60/$45)
  • Incendiary Bolt x6 ($80/$60)
  • Liquid Nitrogen x100 ($100/$75)
  • Machine Gun Rounds x40 ($60/$45)
  • Napalm x100 ($75/$57)
  • Pep Bar x1 ($8/$6)
  • Pistol Rounds x6 ($25/$20)
  • Potato Chips x1 ($3/$2)
  • Proximity Mine x3 ($75/$57)
  • Steel-Tip Bolt x6 ($30/$24)