Race: Human
Humans are the predominant race in Faerun. Humans rule most of the significant empires and kingdoms in the Forgotten Realms. They are the most social and tolerant of races, excepting perhaps the halflings. The only special ability that humans possess is that they may advance as any class.

  • No Multi-Classing. Humans may not choose any of the multi-class options available to other races.

  • Dual-Classing. Humans above 1st-level can, as an option, choose to abandon their first class to take up a second one. When a human does this, they stop taking levels in their first class and temporarily forego any abilities they may have gained from it, including spells and proficiencies. These abilities are not recovered until the character's levels in the second class exceed their levels in the first class.

  • Thieving Abilities. Humans gain a +15 bonus to Pick Pocket, +10 to Open Lock and Move Silently, and +5 to Find Traps and Hide in Shadows.