Race: Gnome
Kin to dwarves, gnomes are noticeably smaller than their distant cousins. Gnomes, as they proudly maintain, are also less rotund than dwarves. Most have dark tan or brown skin, white hair, and rather large noses. Gnomes have lively and sly senses of humor, especially for practical jokes. They have a love for nature that is only matched by their love for gems and jewelry. There are two racial subdivisions of gnomes within the Realms: rock gnomes and deep gnomes (svirfneblin).

Con Saves
  • Ability Scores. Gnomes receive a +1 bonus to Intelligence and a -1 penalty to Wisdom.

  • Resilient. Gnomes receive a +2 bonus to Saving Throws vs. Spell and Rod/Staff/Wand. Gnomes also receive an additional bonus to these saves based on their Constitution, as shown to the right.

  • Infravision. Gnomes can see creatures in dark areas. These creatures are shown in red, with increasing intensity depending on the ambient light.

  • Thieving Abilities. Gnomes receive a +15 bonus to Pick Pockets, Open Lock, Find Traps, and Move Silently. They also receive a +10 bonus to Hide in Shadows and Detect Illusion, as well as a +5 bonus to Set Traps.

  • Illusion Affinity. Gnomes who wish to be Mages must choose the Illusionist kit; even multi-class gnome Mages are Illusionists.