Class: Fighter
Fighter. The Fighter is a champion, swordsman, soldier, and brawler. He lives or dies by his knowledge of weapons and tactics. Fighters can be found at the front of any battle, contesting toe-to-toe with monsters and villains. A good Fighter needs to be strong and healthy if he hopes to survive.

Hit Dice: d10

Ability for Dual-Classing: Strength

  • Weapons and Armor. The Fighter can wield any weapon and wear any armor or shield. The Fighter can wear helmets.

  • Grand Mastery. The Fighter may place up to five points in any one weapon, and up to two points in any fighting style (three in Two- Weapon Style).

Kits (EE)

Barbarian. A Barbarian can be an excellent warrior. While not as disciplined or as specialized as a Fighter, the Barbarian can willingly throw himself into a berserker rage, becoming a tougher and stronger opponent.

  • d12 Hit Die. The Barbarian rolls a d12 instead of a d10 whenever a new Hit Die is earned.

  • Armor. The Barbarian may not wear Plate Mail or Full Plate Armor.

  • Specialization. The Barbarian may achieve, but not exceed, Specialization with any weapon or fighting style, and may achieve Mastery with Two Weapon Style.

  • Fast Movement. The Barbarian's movement speed is faster than normal.

  • Backstab Immunity. The Barbarian does not suffer extra damage from Backstab multipliers.

  • Rage. Once per day, plus an additional time for every four levels in this class, the Barbarian may become enraged for five rounds. While enraged, the Barbarian gains a +4 bonus to Strength and Constitution, a -2 penalty to Armor Class, and a +2 bonus to Saving Throws vs. Spell. The Barbarian also gains immunity to charm, hold, fear, maze, stun, sleep, confusion, and level drain effects.

  • Damage Resistance. At 11th level, the Barbarian gains a permanent 10% resistance to all crushing, missile, piercing, and slashing damage. This resistance increases by 5% at level 15 and again at level 19.

Berserker. This is a warrior who is in tune with his animalistic side and, during combat, can achieve an ecstatic state of mind that will enable him to fight longer, harder, and more savagely than any person has a right to. Berserkers tend to be barbarian-like in nature, but not always. Sometimes it is a conscious choice that a warrior in training makes.

  • Specialization. The Berserker may only achieve Specialization with ranged weapons.

  • Rage. The Berserker may become enraged once per day for every four levels in this class. The enraged state lasts for one turn. While enraged, the Berserker gains a +2 bonus to attack rolls, damage rolls, and Armor Class. The Berserker also becomes immune to charm, confusion, fear, feeblemind, hold, imprisonment, level drain, maze, stun, and sleep. The Berserker also gains 15 bonus Hit Points that last until the end of the ability's duration (losing these Hit Points may knock the Berserker unconscious). After the effect ends, the Berserker also becomes winded, suffering a -2 penalty to Armor Class as well as to attack and damage rolls.

Dwarven Defender. The Dwarven Defender is a formidable warrior that is reputed to be worth two soldiers of any other race. Trained extensively in the art of dwarven warfare, a handful of these stout Fighters can render a defensive line all but unbreakable.

Restriction: Dwarf only

  • d12 Hit Die. The Dwarven Defender rolls a d12 every time a new Hit Die is gained through levels, instead of a d10.

  • High Mastery. The Dwarven Defender may achieve only High Mastery with axes and war hammers. The Dwarven Defender may achieve only Specialization with weapons other than axes and war hammers.

  • Damage Resistance. The Dwarven Defender gains a cumulative 5% resistance to crushing, missile, piercing, and slashing damage for every five levels in this class, up to a maximum of 20% resistance at level 20.

  • Defensive Stance. Once per day, plus an additional time per day for every four levels in this class, the Dwarven Defender may enter a defensive stance that lasts for one turn. While in this stance, the Dwarven Defender gains an additional +50% resistance to crushing, missile, piercing, and slashing damage, as well as a +2 bonus to all Saving Throws. The Dwarven Defenderís movement speed is halved while in this stance.

Kensai. This class's name, which means "sword saint" in the common tongue, refers to a warrior who has been specially trained to be one with his weapon. He is deadly, fast, and trained to fight without the protection of armor. (Note: Despite its common name, a Kensai may use any melee weapon with which he is proficient.)

  • No Armor.

  • No Missile Weapons.

  • Unfettered. The Kensai may not wear gauntlets or bracers. However, the Kensai gains a permanent +2 bonus to Armor Class.

  • Weapon Focus. The Kensai gains a +1 bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls for every three levels in this class, as well as a cumulative -1 modifier to the Speed Factor of any weapon he wields for every four levels in this class.

  • Kai. The Kensai may activate this ability once per day for every four levels of this class, starting at first level with one use. Once activated, all successful attacks the Kensai makes within the next ten seconds automatically deal maximum damage.

Wizard Slayer. This warrior has been specially trained by his sect to excel in hunting and combating spellcasters of all kinds.

  • Aversion to Magic. The Wizard Slayer may not use or equip any magic items apart from weapons and armor.

  • Antimagic Attack. Any successful hit the Wizard Slayer makes bestows a cumulative 25% chance of spell failure on the target.

  • Magic Resistance. The Wizard Slayer gains a cumulative 1% magic resistance every level.