Class: Druid
Druid. The Druid serves the cause of nature and neutrality; the wilderness is her community. She uses her special powers to protect it and to preserve balance in the world.

Hit Dice: d8

Abilities for Dual-Classing: Wisdom and Charisma

Alignment: True Neutral

  • Weapons and Armor. The Druid may only wear Leather, Studded Leather, or Hide Armor, and may not equip any shield larger than a Buckler. The Druid's weapons are limited to the following: Scimitar, Dagger, Club, Spear, Quarterstaff, Dart, and Sling.

  • Proficiency. The Druid may achieve but not exceed Proficiency with any weapon they can use, as well as any fighting style.

  • Spellcasting. The Druid learns a set of nature-themed priest spells, which they can prepare and cast from any of their available spell slots. The Druid begins with knowledge of level 1 spells, and eventually learns to cast up to level 7 spells.

  • Shapeshift. Beginning at 7th level, the Druid may take the form of a Wolf, Black Bear, or Brown Bear.

  • Poison Immunity. Beginning at 15th level, the Druid is immune to all poison effects.

  • Damage Resistance. Beginning at 18th level, the Druid gains 10% resistance to cold, fire, electricity, and acid damage. This resistance increases by an additional 10% at levels 21 and 24.

Kits (EE)

Avenger. A member of a special sect within the Druidic order, the Avenger is dedicated to fighting those who would defile nature. She has powers the average Druid does not, earned through extensive and physically draining rituals.

  • Armor. The Avenger may only wear Leather or Hide Armor.

  • Ability Score Penalties. The Avenger's Strength and Constitution scores are reduced by two points during character creation.

  • Shapeshift. In Addition to the Druid's normal list of Shapeshift forms, the Avenger gains access to the following forms: Sword Spider, Baby Wyvern, and Fire Salamander.

  • Wizard Spells. The Avenger adds the following spells to their repertoire as though they were Druid spells: Chromatic Orb, Web, Lightning Bolt, Improved Invisibility, Chaos, and Chain Lightning.

Shapeshifter. This Druid is not called Shapeshifter because he has access to a greater variety of forms, but rather because of his complete dedication to a single alternate form. A Shapeshifter has willingly allowed himself to become infected with lycanthropy, but due to intense study and training he has the ability to control his affliction. The Shapeshifter's particular affliction grants him what is perhaps the most well-known of the lycanthropic forms: the Werewolf.

  • No Armor. The Shapeshifter may not wear armor of any kind.

  • Werewolf Shapeshift. The Shapeshifter does not gain access to the Druid's normal list of Shapeshift forms. Instead, the Shapeshifter can assume the form of a Werewolf once per day for every two levels in this class. The Werewolf form is described in greater detail at the end of this book.

  • Greater Werewolf Shapeshift. Beginning at 13th level, the Shapeshifter may take the form of a Greater Werewolf once per day. The Greater Werewolf form is described in greater detail at the end of this book.

Totemic Druid. This Druid closely identifies with animals in particular, learning to communicate with powerful spirits and call them to his aid.

  • No Shapeshift. The Totemic Druid may not use the Shapeshift ability.

  • Summon Spirit. Once per day, plus an additional time for every five levels in this class, the Totemic Druid may summon a powerful spirit animal, chosen from the following list: Bear, Wolf, Lion, or Snake. The animal fights until defeated or until the Totemic Druid leaves the area. Starting at 3rd level, the animal has 3 Hit Dice; at 5th level, the animal has 5 Hit Dice; at 7th level, the animal has 7 Hit Dice, and at 10th level the animal has 10 Hit Dice.