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Sun Magic
Level One


A small ball of fire that inflicts 4-9 points of damage to the target.

Torchlight [Cumulative]

This spell creates a magical light that follows the target, equivalent to a torch.
Duration: 10 minutes

Level Two

Blinding Flash

A brilliant flash of light that blinds any monsters near the target, greatly reducing their chances of making successful strikes.


This spell creates a small barrier of fire on the ground under the target. Any monster stepping into or near the fire suffers damage.
Duration: 15 seconds

Level Three

Illuminate [Cumulative]

This spell creates a powerful light around the target, illuminating the nearby ground or area equivalent to daylight.
Duration: 15 minutes


Hurls a powerful ball of fire that does 7-22 points of damage to all monsters near the target.

Level Four


A dazzling flash of chromatic lights that cause random effects on any monsters near the target.


Attempts to reveal any invisible, hidden, or shadowed creatures near the target.

Level Five

Dragon Breath

Spews a flaming jet of fire at the target, inflicting up to 36 points of damage.

Artifact of Fire

This spell is not cast. It is required to Enchant or Bless an Artifact with powers from the Sun Magic realm. The ritual is performed at any magic shoppe or temple.

Burning Haze

Sends a flaming cloud of burning gas toward the target, inflicting heavy damage to any monsters caught inside the cloud or standing nearby.
Duration: 20 seconds

Level Six


A powerful blast of energy that inflicts up to 80 points of damage to the target.

Magma Bomb

A gargantuan blob of molten laval which explodes at the target doing 15-50 points of damage to any monsters within the blast zone.

Level Seven


A hail of searing fireballs which rains down on the target and surrounding area, each fireball doing 7-22 points of damage to any creatures unfortunate enough to be standing underneath.

Circle of Fire

A massive wall of fire which fans out along the ground behind the target, forming a flaming barrier that inflicts heavy damage to any monsters standing within it or trying to move through it. When cast on a PC character, the wall forms behind the party, protecting them against monsters assaulting from the rear.