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Moon Magic
Level One


Causes monsters near the target to become afraid, reducing their ability to avoid strikes from the party, and reducing their chances to make a successful strike.

Nimble [Cumulative]

Greatly increases the target's ability to avoid strikes from attacking enemies.
Duration: 5 minutes

Level Two


Creates an enchanting cloud of magical stars that causes any monsters near the target to fall asleep.


Causes the target to become hidden in shadows, allowing the target to sneak up on the monsters and increasing the chance of a successful strike. If the target is hidden in shadows and has the Backstab Trait, any successful strike will deal double damage. A character hidden in shadows is also far less likely to be targeted by the monster, and the monster's chance to make a successful strike is greatly reduced.

Level Three


Silences any monsters around the target, suppressing any magic spells they try to cast for as long as they remain silenced.

Spectral Raven

Creates an ethereal raven which flies to the target, inflicting 8-20 points of magical damage.

Level Four


Creates a pillar of freezing gas beneath the target that deals 4-8 points of damage and paralyzes the target.


A hurtling ball of ice that blasts the target and nearby monsters with 10-30 points of damage.


Removes any silence spell in effect on the target, allowing the target to cast spells normally once again.

Level Five

Frost Breath

Spews a chilling jet of icy frost at the target, dealing up to 32 points of damage and paralyzing the target.

Artifact of Ice

This spell is not cast. It is required to Enchant or Bless an Artifact with powers from the Moon Magic realm. The ritual is performed at any magic shoppe or temple.


Causes all party members near the target to become invisible, allowing the party to move undetected. Any character that is invisible has a greatly increased chance of making a successful strike. If an invisible character has the Backstab Trait, any successful strike will deal double damage. Any monster that is able to detect and target an invisible character has a greatly reduced chance to make a successful strike.
Duration: 2 minutes

Level Six


Teleports the target to a random location nearby. This spell is useful for temporarily moving a target monster away from the party, or getting the party out of a critical situation.

Create Portal

This spell creates a magic portal in the world, which becomes the destination of any Teleport spell that is cast. Only one magic portal can exist within a given scene, and any subsequent Create Portal spell will terminate any previous portal. The portal is permanent, and once created, it does not need to be cast again in the scene unless a different destination is desired.


Teleports the party to the magic portal created by the Create Portal spell. If no magic portal has been created, the Teleport spell will fail.

Level Seven


A hail of freezing iceballs will rain down on the target and surrounding area, each iceball doing 9-30 points of damage to any creatures unfortunate enough to be standing underneath.

Hands of Time

Causes all monsters surrounding the target to become frozen in time, allowing the party to escape or attack without opposition.

Call of Home

This spell may only be cast outdoors. It will teleport the party back to the town they last visited. It is also very useful when used in conjunction with the Create Portal and Teleport spells to enter town and then return again to the original location in the world.