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Wizards & Warriors Clan Comparison Table
  Str Dex Agi For Int Spi Wil Pre Bonus Trait
Humans 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Natural Leader
Elves -1 0 +1 -1 +2 0 0 -1 Quick Learner
Lizzords +2 -2 +2 0 0 0 -2 0 Snakeskin
Dwarves +2 0 -2 +1 -1 0 0 0 War Cry
Omphaaz +3 -3 -4 0 +2 +2 0 0 Mana Seed
Whiskas -1 0 +2 -1 0 +1 -1 0 Night Vision
Gnomes -2 +2 0 -2 0 0 0 +2 Lucky Charm
Pixies -3 0 +3 -2 0 +2 0 0 Dodge
Guorks +2 0 0 +2 -2 0 0 -2 Bloodscent
Ratlings -2 +2 +2 -3 +1 0 0 0 Gold-digger


Short, heavyset beings who are noted for their robust vigour and passion, these hardy, strong creatures have above average strength, but are not particularly intelligent or graceful. They are tough and somewhat spiritual, which makes them both able warriors and priests. They are experts at forging (repairing) weapons and armour, mining for gems and gold, and trade, as their stubborness enables them to succeed in endeavours that discourage most others. All Dwarves have the War Cry Trait.


Tall and reclusive, the Elves inhabit the forests and woodlands, and tend to avoid contact with other Clans. Though they are not as physically strong and robust as Humans, Elves exhibit above average intelligence and agility, making them excelltn scouts, archers, warriors, wizards, and rangers. All Elves have the Quick Learner Trait.


These small, inquisitive creatures are charismatic in nature and quite intelligent. This intelligence combined with their heightened sense of curiosity makes them excellent inventors. Gnomes have an aptitude for understanding the mechanism of objects and what makes them tick. However charismatic they may be, Gnomes are not always to be trusted. They may be a little clumsy on their feet and less than adequate in physical strength, but Gnomes make formidable rogues because of their dexterity, their charismatic nature, and their unparalleled comprehension of mechanics. All Gnomes have the Lucky Charm Trait.


A strong, hardy Clan with a keen sense of smell, Gourks make excellent warriors. Their animal instincts and aggressive nature also make them great scouts. Their strong sense of smell helps them to detect enemies, very useful to avoid being unpleasantly surprised by monsters. They are very ugly by human standards, and most other Clans tend to shun them. All Gourks have the Bloodscent Trait.


No special abilities are attributed to Humans, as they are the standard by which all other Clans are measured. Humans tend to be the most well-rounded characters, having middle-of-the-road characteristics, and therefore are reasonably well adept regardless of what Role they may take. All Humans have the Natural Leader Trait.


Somewhat hideous looking and rather unintelligent, these formidable creatures make lethal warriors, thanks to their amazing agility and superior strength. While Lizzords are not the most adept creatures when it comes to handling weapons that require a high degree of dexterity, they are nontheless very fast on their feet, and their toughness gives them great advantage. All Lizzords have the Snakeskin Trait.


Spiritual elephantine creatures that are also physically very strong, the Omphaaz are very adept at all forms of magic, and make excellent wizards and priests. However, the one weakness is that their gargantuan size makes these intelligent beings extremely slow and clumsy. Omphaaz cannot wear any normal armour, as it must be specifically custom-fitted to cover their bulky torso. All Omphaaz have the Mana Seed Trait.


These tiny, nimble beings with magical powers more than make up for their lack of physical strength with their superior agility and spiritualism. Pixies make excellent priests and wizards and their diminutive size makes it very hard for their enemies to target them. However, Pixies don't generally get as many Hit Points as other Clans, which makes them less able to withstand direct assaults. All Pixies have the Dodge Trait.


Rodent-like creatures, the Ratlings are extremely smart and nimble. Their lack of strength does not seem to inhibit them in combat, as their amazing agility, dexterity, and intelligence makes them excellent rogues, ninjas, and rangers. They are also compulsive liars and cheats, and all of the other Clans have come to despise them. All Ratlings have the Gold Digger Trait.


Fast and sleek, these tiger-like creatures are very agile and make great warriors. Their spirituality also makes them excellent candidates for cleric positions such as priest. No matter what Role they take, the quick reflexes of the Whiskah lend advantage to their cause. All Whiskahs have the Night Vision Trait.