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Wizards & Warriors - Samurai Role Statistics
Hit Points: Excellent Hit: Excellent
Parry: Good Speed: Excellent
Minimum Attributes: Str 8, Int 8, Dex 10, Agi 10, For 8, Wil 8

Description: Samurai train to become the swiftest swordsmen in the world of Wizards & Warriors - they may use almost all weapons and armour, including special Samurai weapons and armour such as the Katana and No-Dachi, and may develop critical strike ability - the ability to kill an opponent with a single strike. In addition to their swordsmanship, the Samurai warrior also trains as a Shugenja, a Samurai Wizard, and may learn Sun magic spells, making them formidable warriors indeed. Upon becoming a Samurai, the Ancestral Guide Trait is acquired.

Role Ascension: To become a Samurai, your guildmaster will ask you to obtain a Samurai Baton from a fallen Samurai. The Samurai burial ground lies to the west of Shurugeon Ruins, but you'll need to go through the castle moat to reach it. Inside, you'll be confronted by the spirit of a fallen Samurai and several skeletal Samurai, so be prepared for a fight. Once the spirit has fallen, grab the Baton that it drops and return to your guild to ascend into your new role.