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Wizards & Warriors - Bard Role Statistics
Hit Points: Fair Hit: Average
Parry: Good Speed: Fair
Minimum Attributes: Int 10, Dex 10, Agi 8, Wil 8

Description: Bards are jack-of-all-trades in the world of Wizards & Warriors - they may train as a master thief, magician, nimble fighter, and unique to the Bard role, musician. Only the Bard may learn to play the various musical instruments in Wizards & Warriors that possess magical powers. Additionally, the Bard is also able to learn Moon magic spells, and can acquire thieving skills such as Locks & Traps to disarm treasure chests, and Pickpocket to steal from opponents. Their fighting ability is equivalent to that of the Rogue and like the Rogue may also wear leather armour. Upon becoming a Bard, the Musician Trait is acquired

Role Ascension: To become a Bard, your guildmaster will ask you to locate the Scroll of Trickery within the Temple of the Serpent Cult. Once you have this quest, the scroll will appear on a table in Kreug's secret chamber above the temple's library. Grab the scroll and return to your guild to be granted entrance into the new role.