Pillar of Skulls (AR1001) [Legacy Page]

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1 - Pillar of Skulls

The Pillar is composed of disembodied heads and contains the wisdom of all of them. If you have Annah in your party, she will even notice that one of the heads is her father, Pharod. In order to get the information you need from the Pillar, you must pay a tribute to it.

Initially, the Pillar will ask for Morte (if he's in your party). If you choose to hand over Morte, you can actually get him back after you've received your information for a 5 point loss in hit points. If you don't hand him over, the Pillar will ask for another tribute. Some of these tributes include Fhjull's location, the Modron Cube, Fall-From-Grace, or a drink of your blood (if you have no NPCs with you).

If you reveal Fhjull's location to the Pillar, you will be attacked by fiends as soon as you leave, and will also make Fhjull hostile when you return to the Outlands. If you don't have any need for the Modron Cube anymore (having explored the Modron Maze to its fullest extent), I would recommend handing it over. If you choose to let the Pillar drink your blood, you will lose 15 hit points permanently.

Any way you choose, the Pillar will hold up its side of the bargain. It will explain that your mortality is within the Fortress of Regrets and that Trias is actually a betrayer and that he knows how to reach the Fortress. Once you've obtained the information, head back to Baator to area #3 and use the portal to return to the Outlands. You'll be paying a visit to Trias once you reach Carceri.