Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts (AR0605)

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1 - Arrival

When you initially enter the Brothel, you'll meet Fall-From-Grace, a succubus woman that is in charge of the brothel. Fall-From-Grace will explain what the brothel is for, what the Sensate faction is all about, and will potentially join your party after you have spoken to all 10 "prostitutes" first.

Visit each of the women in the brothel and then return to Fall-From-Grace. You will have noticed that there were only 9 women and that you are the 10th student. After making that observation and giving her a little encouragement, Fall-From-Grace will join your party.

2 - Luis the Armoire

Inside this room, you'll have a strange encounter. It seems that the armoire in the northwest corner is actually alive. Talk with the armoire and you'll find out that its name is Luis. Later on, when you're looking for Marissa's veil, you can accuse Luis of taking it and he will begin moving the drawers in and out. Grab the veil when one of the drawers opens and return it to Marissa for 25,000 experience points.

Additionally, you can find Finam the linguist's ledger near the bed. Bring it to Finam to learn the language of the Dodecahedron you find at your room in the Civic Festhall.

3 - Juliette

The "prostitute" inside this room, Juliette, will tell you about a love dilemma she has. She wants to make her lover Montague (you can find him in the Civic Festhall) jealous, but doesn't know how. Offer to have love letters printed at the print shop in the Lower Ward for her, and she will ask that you bring them to Montague. This will earn you some good experience and strengthen Juliette and Montague's relationship.

4 - Nenny Nine-Eyes

Here you'll meet Nenny Nine-Eyes. Nenny will be able to give you information about Marissa's stolen veil, but you must first teach Nenny how to be angry. If you let her act like she's mad at you and even take a swing, you will gain 5000 experience and Nenny will tell you to speak with Kimasxi at area #11 about Marissa's veil.

5 - Ecco

This is Ecco's room. Ecco is unable to speak, but initially you cannot figure out why. After you have returned Dolora's keys to her (at area #13), you will realize why Ecco cannot speak. Bring Ecco the fiend's tongue from the Curiosity Shoppe and she will be able to speak again. However, she will be yelling curses (since it's a fiend's tongue), so you will also have to give her the Deva Tears (from the Curiosity Shoppe) in order to let her speak normal. Once you've done these things, Ecco will tell you that Kesai-Serris is Ravel Puzzlewell's daughter.

6 - Vivian

This is Vivian's room, but most of the time you'll find her just outside the doorway. When you first talk with her, she will tell you about a perfume scent she is missing and will ask you to locate it for her. If you've located Marissa's veil (area #8), you'll find Vivian's scent on the veil as well. Tell her you've found the veil that holds her scent for a nice experience reward, as well as a point of charisma when Vivian heals some of your scars.

7 - Down to Cellar

Search the north wall in this room to discover a secret passageway down to the Brothel's Cellar.

8 - Marissa

You'll find Marissa in this room, skulking behind a folding wall. She isn't very pleasant, but if you continue conversation with her, you'll eventually find out that her veil has been stolen. To locate the veil, begin with speaking to Nenny Nine-Eyes at area #4. If you haven't encouraged Nenny to act angry yet, you'll have to do so first before she will give you information about the veil. See area #4 for more information. Once you've retrieved her veil, return it to her for a 25,000 experience reward.

9 - Kesai-Serris

Kesai-Serris resides within this room. Kesai is the key to unlocking the mystery behind traveling to Ravel Puzzlewell's maze. In order to get to that stage, however, you must perform a series of quests.

First, help Dolora retrieve her keys (see area #13 for more information) and find out why Ecco can't speak. Secondly, see area #5 about bringing the Fiend's Tongue and Deva Tears to Ecco in order to find out that Kesai-Serris is Ravel's daughter. After obtaining that information, you need to confirm the story and gain some additional info by speaking to both Juliette and Kimasxi Adder-Tongue. Then, once you have it confirmed that Kesai-Serris is indeed related to Ravel, explain to Kesai that you need a piece of her to reach Ravel (which you learn by speaking to Quell, the mage in the Private Sensorium of the Civic Festhall).

Kesai-Serris won't believe you, but after speaking to her father, he will confirm that Ravel is indeed her mother (the truth hurts). After that, she will agree to give you a drop of her blood on a handkerchief (You can find a handkerchief at area #10, among other places). Once you have the blood, use the unfolding portal (you can obtain this by bringing your legacy receipt from the Advocate to Nadalin in the Great Foundry) to access Ravel's Maze.

10 - Handkerchief

This isn't actually one of the "prostitute" rooms, but you can find a handkerchief in the dresser. It'll come in handy when you need to get a drop of blood from Kesai-Serris at area #9.

11 - Kimasxi Adder-Tongue

When you speak to Kimasxi Adder-Tongue here, you'll basically be verbally abused. You can verbally abuse her back, which will actually make her smile after awhile. Anyway, Kimasxi doesn't really enter the picture until you've found out that Kesai-Serris is Ravel's daughter. When you first learn this information, you can talk with Kimasxi to confirm it.

12 - Yves the Tale-Chaser

In this room, you'll meet Yves the Tale-Chaser. Yves will exchange tales with you, and you'll get a small experience reward every time you listen to one of her stories. If you keep talking with Yves, you can find out that she doesn't speak to her mother Yvanna anymore. Yvanna can be found in the Art & Curio Galleria, so head over there to tell her that Yves wants to have a relationship again. This will get you a nice experience reward.

13 - Dolora

Out here in the garden area, you'll meet another of the "prostitutes", Dolora. Dolora will offer to either play a game or argue a debate with you. If you beat her at either, the Nameless One will recall some memories and you'll gain experience.

Additionally, Dolora has information you need about Ecco at area #5. However, she will ask that you obtain the keys to her heart from a man named Merriman before you can get any of the information. See our Civic Festhall 1 location for more information on how to obtain the keys. Once you have them, bring them to Dolora for a nice experience bonus and the chance to speak to her about Ecco. She will tell you how Ecco lost her speech and that it can possibly be restored.

If you've purchased the Modron Cube from Vrischika's Curiosity Shoppe in the Clerk's Ward, then you'll also want to speak to any of the Modrons here in the garden. Ask one of them about the cube and it will explain that it is a portal. Unfortunately, the Modron does not know how to activate it, as every portal is different.

Once you've learned that the cube is a portal, you can use it and manipulate its parts to try and open the portal. To teleport to the Modron Maze, choose "Extend the Left Wing", "Extend the Right Wing", and finally "Rotate the Right Arm."