Tips and Notes
Walkthrough Note

We wrote this walkthrough using version 1.66 of Neverwinter Nights.

Gameplay Tips

From what we've heard, the module scales pretty well to the level of your character, so you can start the module with any character you want. If you start with a new character, then you'll reach somewhere around level 14 by the end.

Your companions can't die in the module. If they fall down "dead," then they'll just get up again after the battle has finished. Your character can't really die either. If your entire party falls in battle, then you'll be taken to a safe spot where you can get up, brush yourself off, and try again.

Although the official hints page for the module claims that there are romances, this appears to be misleading. All characters can form a bond with Tasina, female characters can flirt with Nisar and Pegleg Paulson, and male characters can give a wildflower to Sweetie Marie. That's it.

You'll find several navigational charts while playing the module. These charts aren't used for quests, and they won't open up any new areas. They're just there for flavor.

Poly will keep track of items for you. Be sure to talk to her as you play the module.

You'll find an armorer in the game who can upgrade equipment. So don't spend your money needlessly.

You'll lose your equipment during the module, but you'll get it back after a while.