Spindrift Island: Sandy Spit

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When you arrive on Spindrift Island (#1), you'll meet up with a "lighthouse gnome" named Vantabular Garsp. He'll give you an introduction to the island, including information about Mayor Blackeye and the Temple of Umberlee, and then he'll retire to his lighthouse (#2).

Elsewhere on the island, you'll run into Vengaul Bloodsail or Honeypea Blackriver (#4), depending on which gang you sided with in Neverwinter. Whichever character is there will give you a quest to retrieve the scepter of storms from the Temple of Umberlee in Spindrift Town. You'll also find your first treasure map (also at #4). See the Treasure Maps section for more information.

When you've finished exploring the Sandy Spit area, head into Spindrift Town (via Exit A).

1 - Raft / Starting Point

2 - Lighthouse

You'll find Vantabular Garsp in the lighthouse. He'll offer to sell you some pirate booty. Pirate booty always costs 100 gp, but what you'll get is random. If you manage to buy 15 pieces of booty from the pirates of Spindrift Island, then Poly will reward you with Poly's golden egg (see the Poly the Parrot section for details).

There is also a puzzle in the lighthouse, but you won't be able to attempt it until after you've visited Spindrift Town. So go there and then return to the lighthouse and ask Garsp about "all of these prisms and devices." He'll describe the puzzle to you, but for more information about it, see the Lighthouse Puzzle section. If you can complete the puzzle, then a portal will appear leading to a Hidden Cavern.

3 - Small Chests

You'll find random equipment in these chests.

4 - Vengaul / Honeypea / Buried Treasure

At this spot you'll either find Vengaul Bloodsail or Honeypea Blackriver, depending on which gang you helped in Neverwinter. Both characters will do and say about the same things. They'll both tell you that the Midnight Rose is in port, they'll both offer you pirate booty for 100 gp, they'll both act like shopkeepers, they'll both ask you to retrieve the scepter of storms from the Temple of Umberlee in Spindrift Town, and they'll both give you the treasure map -- scepter of storms to help you out. If you return with the scepter of storms then the character here will agree to join your crew.

Next to the campfire, you should also notice some buried treasure (a chest in the sand). Inside the chest you'll discover a treasure map -- Sandy Spit. If you navigate the directions on the map, you'll find a chest containing some random loot plus a treasure map -- Blackeye's Silver (part 4 of 4). See the Treasure Maps section for more information about these two maps.

5 - Abandoned Cave

This cave works just like the caves on the tropical island, so if you have any tinders and so forth remaining from the island, you can use them here. Otherwise, the abandoned cave isn't very important because you're allowed to rest anywhere on Spindrift Island, and the local shopkeepers will have much better equipment available than anything you could construct with sturdy sticks and leather hides.

6 - Looted Chest

Inside the chest you'll find an I.O.U. -- prison guard.

  1. Gate to Spindrift Town.