Finding a Crew
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When you reach Spindrift Island, you'll discover that you'll need to put together a crew. Initially it will sound like you'll need the crew so that you can steal back the Midnight Rose from the priestesses of Umberlee, but eventually you'll find out that you'll need the crew so that you can join up with Kolmarr the Grim on the Skull and Bones.

There are nine possible crewmembers to be found, and you'll need to recruit five of them. The crewmembers are listed below, along with what you'll need to do to convince them to join you.

1. Honeypea Blackriver / Vengaul Bloodsail (Sandy Spit): You'll need to fetch the scepter of storms for them. They should give you the treasure map for the scepter of storms the first time you talk to them, and then you'll just need to use the treasure map in the Temple of Umberlee.

2. Longneck Langer (Governor Blackeye's Manor): You'll need to make him more "piratey" by giving him Falstaff's IOU. You'll recieve Falstaff's IOU after bailing Falstaff out of jail.

3. Pegleg Paulson (Monkey's Cutlass Tavern): If you're female, then you can seduce him into joining your crew. However, you might need to ply him with alcohol first to make him more receptive to your advances.

4. Redtip (Spindrift Town warehouse): You'll need to beat him in a duel. If you can't beat him right away, then wait until you've upgraded your equipment at Prugdush's shop, and don't forget to have Poly sing her bardsong for you just before you start the fight.

5. Shakey McGwire (Temple of Umberlee): Since he's afraid of water, you'll need to coerce him or persuade him to join your crew.

6. Sir Francis of the Dragon (Spindrift Town warehouse): You'll need to find the ring that he lost. Sir Francis will tell you about the ring, how he agreed to hold it for Rascally Pete but then discovered that it was missing. While exploring the sewers, you should run into Rascally Pete, and if you ask him what the ring looks like, he'll all but admit that he stole it from Sir Francis. If you take the ring back from Pete (by tricking him, paying him, or killing him), and give it to Sir Francis, then Sir Francis will join your crew.

7. Sweetie Marie (Temple of Umberlee): If you're male, then you'll need to talk to Pegleg Paulson in the Monkey's Cutlass Tavern. Paulson should give you a treasure map -- wildflowers, and if you then track down and give a wildflower to Sweetie Marie, she'll join your crew.

8. Vantabular Garsp (Sandy Spit lighthouse): You'll need to complete the lighthouse puzzle and then fetch the ancient astrolabe from the Hidden Cavern that it unlocks. When you give the astrolabe to Garsp, he'll agree to join your crew.

9. Whipped Willigan (Willigan's manor): You'll need to retrieve his pirate regalia while avoiding his wife and her sisters. Once you've collected all three pieces of regalia, he'll agree to join your crew.



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