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You can pick up six IOUs during the module. For four of them, when you turn them in, you'll receive a random piece of equipment in trade. The remaining IOU is Falstaff's IOU. For that one, you can either use it to receive a free tattoo from Falstaff, or else you can donate it to Longneck Langer so that he can use it to recieve the Jolly Roger Special from Falstaff and become more "piratey" in the process.

Listed below are the five IOUs and where you can find them.

1. Governor Blackeye's IOU: found in a chest in the Hidden Cavern.

2. Jack Ketch's IOU: found in the treasure chest revealed by one of the Spindrift Town treasure maps.

3. Falstaff's IOU: given to you after freeing Falstaff from jail.

4. Prison Guard's IOU: found at the Sandy Spit.

5. Prugdush's IOU: found in the Spindrift Sewers.

6. Grogbeard's IOU: found in Whipped Willigan's manor.