Poly the Parrot
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After setting sail from the Docks District of Neverwinter, Poly the Parrot will become your faithful companion. Now, Poly won't attack any of your enemies, but she will sing bard songs for you, and she'll also count things for you. If Poly counts all the way to the maximum value, then she'll give you a prize.

The things Poly counts and the rewards she'll give you are listed below.

Tropical Island

"How many usable items have I collected?"
  1. Catgut
  2. Ichor
  3. Flint
  4. Leather hide
  5. Long stick
  6. Raw meat
  7. Seagull feather
  8. Stone
  9. Sturdy stick
  10. Tinder
Reward: Poly's precious droppings

Note: See the South Shore section for details.

"How many different kinds of items have I created?"
  1. Cooked meat
  2. Crude arrow
  3. Crude bow
  4. Crude sling
  5. Crushed stone bullet
  6. Fire-hardened spear
  7. Makeshift torch / double-ended torch
  8. Maul
Reward: Poly's mangy feathers

Note: See the South Shore section for details.

Spindrift Island

"How many sailors have I convinced to join my crew?"
  1. Honeypea Blackriver / Vengaul Bloodsail
  2. Longneck Langer
  3. Pegleg Paulson / Sweetie Marie
  4. Redtip
  5. Shakey McGwire
  6. Sir Francis of the Dragon
  7. Vantabular Garsp
  8. Whipped Willigan
Reward: Poly's parrot tongue

Note: See the Finding a Crew section for details.

"How many buried treasures have I found?"
  1. Blackeye's Silver
  2. Caves of Umberlee
  3. Lighthouse Caverns
  4. Sandy Spit
  5. Scepter of Storms
  6. Spindrift Sewers
  7. Spindrift Town #1
  8. Spindrift Town #2
  9. Wildflowers
  10. Willigan Manor
Reward: Poly's crystal egg

Note: If you're male, then you'll have ten treasure maps available (Pegleg Paulson will only give you the Wildflowers map if you're male), but Poly will still only count up to nine. See the Treasure Maps section for details about the maps and their locations.

"How many pirates have I purchased booty from?"
  1. Governor Blackeye (Governor Blackeye's manor)
  2. Grogbeard McPherson (Monkey's Cutlass Tavern)
  3. Honeypea Blackriver / Vengaul Bloodsail (Sandy Spit)
  4. Jack Ketch (Spindrift Town)
  5. Kolmarr the Grim (Skull and Bones)
  6. Longneck Langer (Monkey's Cutlass Tavern after you've rescued him from jail)
  7. Pegleg Paulson (Monkey's Cutlass Tavern)
  8. Prison Guard (Governor Blackeye's manor)
  9. Prugdush (Spindrift Town weapon shop)
  10. Rascally Pete (Spindrift Sewers)
  11. Redtip (Spindrift Town warehouse)
  12. Shakey McGwire (Temple of Umberlee)
  13. Sir Francis of the Dragon (Spindrift Town warehouse)
  14. Vantabular Garsp (Sandy Spit Lighthouse)
  15. Whipped Willigan (Monkey's Cutlass Tavern after you've rescued him from Fanny)
Reward: Poly's golden egg