Kiser Jhaeri's Home (AR5008, AR5014)

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1 - Kiser Jhaeri

You'll initially confront Kiser here, who will let loose a barrage of large words in proclaiming his innocence. If you've spoken to Countess Santele, you will have learned that Kiser is indeed responsible for kidnapping her son. Admitting to his guilt, Kiser will give you a false story that proclaims Errard (the mage at area #2 on our Saradush walkthrough) is the man responsible for the treason and that he kidnapped the Countess' son to keep himself out of jail in order to prove his innocence.

Head to Errard back on the ledge in Saradush and either kill him or have him cast a divination spell to find the Countess' son, then return here to Kiser. If you killed Errard, Kiser will be pleased and give you the key to free the Countess' son. If you told Errard of Kiser's plans, Kiser will no longer be standing here and will instead be waiting for you down in the lower level of his home. Take the stairs along the top wall and proceed to area #2.

2 - Kiser Jhaeri (Again)

If you sided with Errard and learned that Kiser is indeed responsible for the treachery in Saradush, then Kiser will be waiting for you here, along with a couple of friends. The battle is fairly easy, though. Just make sure you overwhelm the thieves before they get a chance to backstab. Once you've cleaned them up, grab the loot (making sure to nab the Secret Jail Key off of Kiser) and continue towards area #3. Before leaving, though, you'll want to open the locked cabinet near the door and grab the Starfall Ore inside. It can be used to upgrade the Storm Star +3 later in the game.

3 - Yaga-Shura Mage

Here you'll run into a Yaga-Shura mage, so be on your toes. These mages are capable of Time Stop and other powerful high level spells. Take her out and head towards area #4.

4 - Ardic

Ardic, the Countess' son, will be standing here. He'll thank you for his release (which will also give you a decent experience boost), after which you can head back to the Countess for another nice experience reward and some gold.