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Stone Magic
Level One


Hurls a ball of electric sparks at the target, dealing 4-9 points of damage.

Armourplate [Cumulative]

Creates a thick magical armour plating around the target, reducing the chance of damage from strikes by the monsters.
Duration: 5 minutes

Level Two


Causes the armour or hide of the target to soften, rendering it more vulnerable to damage from successful strikes.


Casts a bolt of magical energy at the target, inflicting up to 14 points of damage.

Level Three

Elemental Blast

Hurls a ball of elemental energy at the target, doing 8-20 points of damage to any nearby monsters.

Armoured Realm [Cumulative]

Creates a magical armour around all party members near the target, reducing the chance of damage from strikes by the monsters.
Duration: 5 minutes

Level Four


Launches a sizzling meteor at the target, exploding with 9-30 points of damage to any nearby monsters.

Artifact of Stone

This spell is not cast. It is required to Enchant or Bless an Artifact with powers from the Stone Magic realm. The ritual is performed at any magic shoppe or temple.

Negate Magic

This spell removes all enchantments on the target, including enchantments that are otherwise beneficial to the target. It is useful when a character has been enchanted with a harmful spell such as Slow, Weaken, or Melt, or for removing enchantments such as Lure and Repel.

Level Five

Merlin's Shield [Cumulative]

This spell creates a magical barrier around the target that blocks or reduces any magic spells that would otherwise affect the target.
Duration: 1 minute


Casts a powerful bolt of lightning that inflicts up to 48 points of damage to the target.

Level Six


Attempts to turn a monster into stone. If successful, the effect of this spell is permanent, and can only be reversed by the Stone To Flesh spell.

Stone To Flesh

Restores a target party member turned to stone back into flesh and blood.

Lavawalk [Cumulative]

Allows the party members near the target to walk on lava without taking any damage.
Duration: 3 minutes

Level Seven


A hail of sizzling meteors rain down on the target and surrounding area, each meteor doing 12-48 points of damage to any creatures unfortunate enough to be standing underneath.

Reflect Damage [Cumulative]

Creates a magical field around the target that causes any creature doing damage to the target to also take an equal amount of damage. Can be very powerful when used in combination with the Lure spell.
Duration: 1 minute