Thaumaturge Skill: Mirror Image
Mirror Image
Creates an illusionary copy of yourself that fights on your side. The defense, dodge and resistance statistics of the copy are based on your own statistics. The spell lasts for 20s.

Skill Ranks:
  1. The copy starts with 25% of your max HP and deals 0.8 x spellpower damage (100 mana)
  2. The copy starts with 30% of your max HP and deals 0.98 x spellpower damage (110 mana)
  3. The copy starts with 42% of your max HP and deals 1.15 x spellpower damage (120 mana)
  4. The copy starts with 52% of your max HP and deals 1.31 x spellpower damage (140 mana)
  5. The copy starts with 60% of your max HP and deals 1.46 x spellpower damage (160 mana)

Skill Masteries:

Simulacrum Affinity: The cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds. Requires Rank 5.

Skill Powerups:

Deadly Illusion: The copy gains +30% damage.
Lasting Illusion: The copy lasts for an additional 5 seconds.
Fortified Illusion: The copy has +50% HP.