Thaumaturge Skill: Control
The targeted enemy becomes friendly for the duration of the spell and attacks the nearest enemy within 20m. The spell also grants the target a damage bonus while controlled. (Note that the spell's duration is reduced for stronger enemies. The most powerful ones might even be immune altogether.)

Skill Ranks:
  1. 6s duration (150 mana)
  2. 8.5s duration (165 mana)
  3. 11s duration (180 mana)
  4. 12.5s duration (195 mana)
  5. 14.5s duration (210 mana)
  6. 16.5s duration (225 mana)
  7. 18s duration (240 mana)
  8. 19s duration (255 mana)
  9. 20s duration (270 mana)
  10. 20.5s duration (285 mana)

Skill Masteries:

Focused Control:The cooldown is reduced by 1 second. Requires Rank 5.
Mind Blast: If a controlled creature dies, an explosion occurs causing physical damage to enemies within 2 meters. The damage is equal to the creature's maximum HP. Requires Rank 10.

Skill Powerups:

Empower: The target gains an additional +40% damage.
Mana Leech: The target recharges 1% of your maximum mana with each hit it delivers.
Health Leech: The target heals you for 1% of your maximum HP with each hit it delivers.