Thaumaturge Skill: Blindness
Within 3m of the target, all ranged enemies lose their ability to attack, while melee enemies have their attack statistic halved.

Skill Ranks:
  1. 4s duration (40 mana)
  2. 5s duration (45 mana)
  3. 5.8s duration (50 mana)
  4. 6.5s duration (55 mana)
  5. 7.1s duration (60 mana)
  6. 7.6s duration (65 mana)
  7. 8s duration (70 mana)
  8. 8.3s duration (75 mana)

Skill Masteries:

Illusion Affinity: The cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds. Requires Rank 5.

Skill Powerups:

Mass Blindness: The area of effect is increased by 1m.
Weakness: Targets are also struck with 10% damage vulnerability for the duration of the spell.
Dizziness: Targets are slowed by 30% for 2 seconds.